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5 Reasons You Should Pack a Numbing Cream for Your […]

5 Reasons You Should Pack a Numbing Cream for Your Next Vacation



Going on the vacation always makes us excited as we pack the luggage and anticipate all the great moments we will have during our trip. Although, we need to be ready for any unexpected situations, which is why Dr.Numb, the leading topical anesthetic brand, recommends you to pack a numbing cream into your luggage next time you go on trip. The brand shares just several situations when it can become your go-to solution while away from home.

Brazilian Waxing

You will like to step out in the beach confidently with your bikini line cleaned. And one of the most popular beauty treatments, providing perfect and long-lasting results is Brazilian waxing. In most cases, you would do it before the vacation, but imagine you are going away for longer than a month – which means you will need to repeat it wherever you are.
To reduce painful sensations during waxing, apply Dr.Numb cream on the treated skin area beforehand and leave it there for 45 minutes. The 5% lidocaine formula will block pain signals and ensure smooth result.

Minor Burns

Many things can happen during vacation – from the most exciting moments to some not-so-pleasant situations. Minor burns are one of those cases: you spilled boliling water on your hand or incautiously touched a hot cattle – the minor burn is there, and an unpleasant sensation takes time to go away.

As the emergency solution for pain management, make sure you follow the next steps: keep the burn under the running water (wet towel) for at least 5 minutes; pat dry your skin and apply Dr.Numb lidocaine cream, which will soothe the skin and stop the pain; later, you can apply antibiotic cream to heal the area.


There are some medical conditions (eczema, scabies and psoriasis), which require prescription treatment for relentless itching they cause. Although, if you are on vacation and started experiencing itching on the skin as a result of mosquito bites or your skin conditions, the instant solution for a situations when you can’t get to see your doctor quickly is a numbing cream.
Numbing cream is a topical anesthetic, which dulls the skin patch for a couple of hours. Wash the affected area before, pat dry it and apply a thin layer of numbing cream. Make sure to see a doctor if the itch doesn’t go away or becomes more severe.


In an attempt to get that sexy suntan, we often forget that the key is consistency, not the quantity of hours we will spend on the beach in one single day. Sadly enough, when the vacation is only one week long, it is natural we try to gain back all the months we spent working in the office.
Sunburn can appear in less than 15 minutes in the sun, and the skin may turn red in 30 minutes but usually, it takes 2 to 6 hours to experience redness, which makes it more difficult to notice you got sunburn while you are still at the beach.
Meanwhile numbing cream is not a cure for your sunburn, it is an instant solution to soothe pain and calm down the skin. Dr.Numb cream with 5% lidocaine is effective for all degree of sunburns. To treat the skin, try using aloe vera creams, black tea or even cold bath with a cup of baking soda.

Pain in joints

Long flight, walking around the whole city doing your tourist program, or simply arthritis – all these factors can cause joint pain and uncomfortable sensations. Once on the trip and in need to soothe the pain as soon as possible, try using the topical anesthetic cream.
To make sure the effect is strong enough and the anesthetic properties get deep in the skin tissue, follow the simple instructions:  Wash your skin with soap and warm water. Pat dry  Apply the thick layer of the cream on your skin. Rub or spread evenly.  Then, apply the second layer which should be thicker than the first one.  Use plastic wrap to cover the skin. It will generate heat to potent the numbing effect.  Remove the cover after one hour. Wipe off the excess cream.