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About The Badass Girl’s Guide
By CJ Scarlet

The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators is the one book criminal predators don’t want you to read! Filled with critical information about how to empower yourself to keep from becoming a crime statistic, this definitive guide contains facts and strategies not found in other personal security books.

This edgy, remarkable book reveals how predators select and groom their victims, and teaches you how to “fail” the predator interview. It also provides clear instructions about how to use your personal bodily “weapons” to defend yourself in a confrontation, offering everything you need to know to stay safe, fight if you must, and navigate the criminal justice system if the worst happens.

You Have More Power Than You Think!

Women and girls are generally raised to be nice to everyone. They’re taught to avoid being rude at all cost. To smile through awkward situations. To giggle when they feel uncomfortable rather than risk embarrassing someone who is just “playing” with them. To expect men to be their rescuers if they’re in danger.

How many times in your life have you ignored the blaring sirens from your intuition when someone was violating your boundaries? Or worried as the creepy guy from your dorm followed you to class? Or suffered through regular sexual harassment at school or work?

It’s a strange paradox—we spend so much of our lives being hyper-vigilant about potential danger but become utterly helpless when we’re confronted with uncomfortable and even dangerous situations.

It’s Time to Take Your Power Back!

If you’re tired of feeling afraid, of loathing and blaming yourself, of feeling too vulnerable, then take YOUR power back right now. Recognize that you’re a powerful being and claim it!
It’s time to stop waiting for someone else to rescue you. Summon your inner badass and rescue yourself!

Bare Biology Announce September Startover

The perfect product for those re-establishing their personal health focus and for the health of their families & neighbours!


September is known to be one of the most stressful months of the year, as we send kids back to school and try to re-adjust to daily life. The month presents the perfect opportunity to reset our lifestyle habits which we might have relaxed, deservingly so, during the holidays. Rather than go into Christmas countdown mode and start wearing oversized jumpers, Bare Biology want to help you refocus this September and start over.

Bare Biology are super excited to announce we will be hosting a series of helpful tips & advice on their website, including

· How to go back to work calmly by Coaching Emily

· Slowing down your eating habits by Nicky Duffel

· Top tips on how to apply for a new job by Caroline Binns

· 5 tips on setting up your own business by Melanie Lawson

· Trying out a new sport by Christina Howell

· Not losing you by stylist Milda Chellingsworth

· Daily habits and why fasting is so good for you by Max Lowery

Bare Biology have also teamed up with the rather swanky Devonshire Club & are hosting a range of events to help get your September started on a great note. These are free to attend but you must be either a member of the Devonshire Club or a signed up to Bare Biology in order to secure an invitation.


Yin Class

A delightful hour of stretching to help ease the tension of the day and clear your mind.

Hosted by Sarah Fretwell

Monday 24th September at 6pm

Insight into Nutrition

Bare Biology are bringing together 3 leading experts from the world of nutrition. They will be offering insight & advice on how to change your diet, quick fixes and tips. This is an interactive session.

Mary Van Der Westhuizen, Sandra Greenbank, Max Lowery & hosted by Melanie Lawson

Thursday 20th September, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Making your own skin care

An exciting opportunity to join Frances Phillips, leading nutritional therapist, journalist & founder of The Natural Edit, to create your own moisturiser.

Saturday 29th September in the Garden Room at 12pm

About Bare Biology

Founded in 2013 by Melanie Lawson, Bare Biology is the leading premium Omega 3 brand in the UK. It’s the first UK Omega 3 brand to be independently certified for strength, purity and freshness and has products for every life stage – Lion Heart capsules, Lion Heart liquid, Bump & Glory (for pregnancy) and Super Hero (for children). Stockists include Liberty, Whole Foods and Planet Organic. For more information head to


Five Star ® Turns Students’ Stress into Strength with Durable 2018 Back-to-School Products
Five Star ® products help Students stay organized throughout the year.


Kettering, OH (April 4, 2018) – Five Star® – the most recognized U.S. provider of Student-focused school supplies – has released its 2018 back-to-school products. Five Star® products are specifically designed with unique, durable and customizable features to help today’s multitasking and busy Students. All Five Star® products have been created in response to Students’ requests for easier organization and high-performing, long-lasting products.

Highlights from Five Star® for the 2018 back-to-school season include:

THE FIVE STAR FLEX® HYBRID NOTEBINDER® acts like a notebook and works like a binder. The flexible plastic cover folds over to lie flat like a notebook, while the patented TechLock rings open easily, so Students can add paper and dividers – just like a binder. Inside the Five Star Flex® Hybrid NoteBinder® are pocket dividers that provide built-in organization and paper storage. The rings are flexible, but won’t break or misalign. The product is durable to last all year and is backed by a one-year product guarantee. The 1-inch Five Star Flex® Hybrid NoteBinder® includes 8.5- by 11-inch note paper (college ruled and quad ruled) and is available in solid colors or geometric pattern designs. The Five Star Flex® Hybrid NoteBinder® is adaptable enough to meet the organizational and notetaking requirements of all Students.

THE FIVE STAR® COLLEGE RULED INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK was created specifically for the increasingly popular interactive notetaking teaching method. This hands-on learning approach mixes bullet journaling and scrapbooking styles so Students can take notes in a way that’s meaningful to them. The Interactive Notebook includes a table of contents with a spot for the date, topic descriptions and page numbers to help Students quickly find what they’re looking for. Non-perforated pages help work stay put all year, and include a side margin and page number block for page customization and organization. An interior pocket for quick and easy paper storage, as well as a small closure pocket, keep track of loose cut-outs and small supplies all year long. At the back of the notebook is a grid-ruled, fold-out quick reference guide that is perfect for periodic tables, multiplication tables and a glossary of terms. Geared toward subject-specific organization, this notebook serves as a personal textbook, durable enough for year-long learning. The unique storage and organizational features included in the Interactive Notebook help Students easily navigate course material

Students are carrying more with them throughout the school day. They need products durable enough to store materials from multiple classrooms or teachers and functional enough to withstand multiple locker visits. NEW FOR 2018, THE FIVE STAR® 3-INCH BINDER WITH REMOVABLE PADDED CASE comes with a five-tab expanding file for quick and easy access to papers. The pocket on the binder’s back cover allows for easy access to important handouts and provides additional storage for paper. Inside the binder, a removable padded pouch protects tablets or small laptops and includes a puncture-resistant micro-mesh zipper pocket, so Students can easily separate materials from different classes or use the binder to store everything together. In addition, the 3-inch Binder includes a patent-pending removable strap that can convert to be carried on Students’ backs or messenger style. With the binder’s range of storage and carrying options, Students can organize their schoolwork and have all the materials they need together to get them through the school day.

FIVE STAR® COLLEGE RULED REINFORCED FILLER PAPER comes in a package with 100 sheets and has triangular holes strengthened by reinforcement tape to prevent sheets from being ripped out and lost. The reinforced holes protect the paper with double the strength and help it to turn more easily along rings. Students won’t need to stress about notebook paper tearing out of their three-ring binders.

Students are carrying more with them throughout the school day.

They need products durable enough to store materials from multiple classrooms or teachers and functional enough to withstand multiple locker visits. NEW FOR 2018, THE FIVE STAR® 3-INCH BINDER WITH REMOVABLE PADDED CASE comes with a five-tab expanding file for quick and easy access to papers. The pocket on the binder’s back cover allows for easy access to important handouts and provides additional storage for paper. Inside the binder, a removable padded pouch protects tablets or small laptops and includes a puncture-resistant micro-mesh zipper pocket, so Students can easily separate materials from different classes or use the binder to store everything together. In addition, the 3-inch Binder includes a patent-pending removable strap that can convert to be carried on Students’ backs or messenger style. With the binder’s range of storage and carrying options, Students can organize their schoolwork and have all the materials they need together to get them through the school day.
FIVE STAR® COLLEGE RULED REINFORCED FILLER PAPER comes in a package with 100 sheets and has triangular holes strengthened by reinforcement tape to prevent sheets from being ripped out and lost. The reinforced holes protect the paper with double the strength and help it to turn more easily along rings. Students won’t need to stress about notebook paper tearing out of their three-ring binders.


Five Star® products and videos are available at and you can find them at your local school supplies retailers.

Exited To Learn, Movement Break Cards and Cool & Calm Cards are designed to help ALL children self-regulate so they can feel confident and maximize access to academic curriculum and social relationships.


When starting a new school year, it is very important to give students a chance to get their wiggles or jitters out in a fun, productive way! Our Movement Break Cards and Cool & Calm Cards are designed to help ALL children self-regulate so they can feel confident and maximize access to academic curriculum and social relationships. While these cards are currently available on Teachers Pay Teachers, in early Fall they will also be available to buy in stores. Local teachers, child psychologists and occupational therapists have been piloting them and I am getting rave reviews 🙂

More information on the cards:

For some children it is important to have set movement or calming breaks built into their daily routine to set them up for success. Others can use these on an as-needed basis. They can be used with the whole class, small groups, or individual children.

These Movement & Calming Break cards are designed to help students:

* Manage BIG emotions

* Develop a positive sense of self

* Reduce stress/anxiety

* Develop core strength

* Attend to academic tasks

* Improve concentration/focus

* Maintain focus

* Develop calm-down strategies

* Build resilience

* Identify positive ways to express ALL emotions

Most children love to get up and move. We know how important that is for health and general well being. Our goal is to empower children to learn what their bodies need and to provide them the tools to self-regulate and stay healthy. These break cards are designed to help regulate both over-arousal and under-arousal. They are great for all children, including those with ADHD, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), low muscle tone and sensory processing difficulties.

These cards do not require the assistance of a teacher or classmates. They can help students during transition times, returning from recess, when they are required to be in a class meeting, on rainy days,…. When a student begins to become dysregulated, they help a child return to equilibrium. Our goal is to help students feel calm and confident, so they can maximize access to academic curriculum and social relationships.

How the product works:

Each card has a picture of a child completing the given activity as well as written instructions. Each card also has a key animal so nonreaders can begin to associate the animal with the activity. On the back there are the words “mission completed” along with the animal so the teacher/parent and students can easily assess progress at a glance.

With a Vis A Vis (wet erase marker) you can add details such as repetitions, time,…if you wish. The writing will easily wipe off with a baby wipe or slightly damp paper towel.

First Day of School is a very beneficial book for children going back to school, especially those ages 3-5, by Diana Lee Santamaria.


DLee’s First Day of School is a learning book for age’s three to five. In this story, the character DLee experiences the fears and joys of going to school for the first time. With its colorful illustrations and bold characters, it is the perfect book to read to any child who has never experienced an educational setting before. *This book has been written as a bilingual book in English and Spanish.


What a wonderful gift for Back To School! Sprout Plant You Pencil & it grows into herbs, vegetables or flowers!


Sprout, a wonderful concept that is perfect as kids go back to school and for upcoming holiday gift guides—the Sprout pencil!

The idea with the Sprout pencil is that you plant it when it becomes too short to write or color with. This way you give it a new life by turning the stub into herbs, vegetables or flowers. The Sprout pencil is 100% natural and biodegradable and has become a popular green alternative to engraved plastic ball point pens. They are also available in colored pencils!

Back in 2013, a group of MIT students invented the plantable Sprout pencil—a pencil that can be planted and will literally grow into herbs, vegetables and flowers. Now, five years after the launch of the pencil on Kickstarter, the start-up company Sprout World has patented, produced, and sold over 10 million pencils in over 70 countries.

10 million pencils mean 10 million new plants such as tomato, basil and sunflower have literally grown from waste. This is Sprout World´s humble contribution to the planet.

Every year an estimate of 50 billion ball point pens are produced and sold—a staggering number that equals 135 million plastic pens a day! A huge amount of plastic that will end up in the landfills. If we could replace just a tiny part of plastic pens with plantable pencils, we are doing our part to save the environment.

CEO Michael Stausholm explains that his company, Sprout World, is still faithful to the DNA of the MIT students desire to develop a product that inspires businesses and consumers to live a more sustainable life.

Although many start-ups move their production to Asia as they grow, Sprout World has kept the production in the US in order to save CO2 and to keep jobs in the country.

Sprout has clients such as Disney, Coca Cola, WWF, Marriott, Toyota, McKinsey, New York Highline, Spice and Tea Exchange, in addition to being sold on over 20 different airline inflight publications. Most of these organizations engrave their logo and brand messaging on the pencils as marketing materials.

In addition to being sold at, the pencils are sold on Amazon. This year Sprout has entered Amazon in 6 different countries including UK, US and Canada to meet the demand.

This year alone Sprout has been exposed on big global Facebook sites with more than 150 million followers, including Mashable, Now This, The Independent and Unilad.

Feel free to learn more at

It is a beautiful thought that you can give new life to products that have served its function.
At Sprout World it is not just a thought anymore but reality with our Sprout pencil that you can plant after use.

For US webshop click here:
For EU webshop, click here:

Plant your Sprout pencil, and watch how you can make your pencil come alive and sprout into a green herb or flower.

School is calling!

– Beautiful umbrellas to add a playful edge to your child’s first day back –

The end of summer is in sight and this means preparing for a brand new school year. As we Brits are aware, it doesn’t take much for the rain to come back around. This means we need to be equipped for the mad rush to school whatever the weather and a Fulton umbrella is an ideal companion. Established in 1956, Fulton is Britain’s leading umbrella manufacturer and Royal Warrant holder. Fulton has a wide range of children’s umbrellas designed for practicality and fun times…

Fulton Umbrellas take pride in their patented safety technology and Funbrella is no exception. The design keeps small hands protected when opening and closing the umbrella. The Funbrella follows the theme of the classic Birdcage, which is exceptionally favoured by the Royal Family – particularly the Queen – and Britons alike. It provides full coverage over small heads and shoulders and the clear dome canopy allows superior visibility for a safer trip to school. So whether you go for a decorative umbrella or stay simplistic, a Fulton Umbrella has your child’s back.

Facebook: Fulton Umbrellas

Instagram: @FultonUmbrellas

Twitter: @FultonUmbrella

Fulton Umbrellas and ‘Designer Brands’ collection is available in a range of designs and can be found at and other retailers nationwide.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity as BIC Offers Chance for Iconic Redesign

Design and Shine competition launches


Europe’s leading stationery brand, BIC®, is launching a campaign to give one lucky winner the chance of a lifetime; to design one of the world’s most iconic pens, the BIC® 4 Colours®.

The interactive Design and Shine competition, which has been developed to encourage creativity across the UK and Ireland, will be open to anyone over the age of 13 years old this summer. The winning design, which will be chosen through a public vote, will be put into production and the talented winner will also be offered a £3,000 prize to fuel their thirst for design, in whatever form they please.

Bruna Goncalves, BIC UK and Ireland’s Product Manager – Stationery, said: “It’s rare to have the opportunity to put your stamp on such an iconic product, see it go into production and made available for purchase. There is so much talent out there that deserves recognition and we hope the campaign encourages budding designers of all abilities to get creative.

How it works

Enter from 20th July – 22nd August 2018

The BIC® Design and Shine competition is open to anyone in the UK and Republic of Ireland over the age of 13. It opens for entries at 00:00 am on Monday 16th July 2018 and closes at 23:59 on Wednesday 22nd August 2018. All entrants need to do is create their own design using the tools available on the BIC Design and Shine website ( or upload an image of their handy artwork to be in with a chance.

Vote from 27th August – 9th September 2018
Once the competition closes on 22nd August, a team of experts will narrow the entries down to a shortlist of the best, which will then be put to a public vote on the BIC® Design and Shine website between Monday 27th August – Sunday 9th September 2018.

Winner announced on 10th September
The winning design will be put into production before it goes on sale on Amazon later this year. The talented Design and Shine champion will also be awarded a £3,000 cash prize to fuel their creative pursuits.

This year’s judging panel will be looking out for excellent:

Creativity – Why can’t the sky be red or the grass purple? Be original and think outside of the box.
Composition – How well is the space used? What technical ability has been demonstrated? How well do the colours and patterns complement each other?
Suitability – Does the design fit within the dimensions given and have mass appeal?
For full details and terms and conditions on this year’s competition and to enter, visit, or email


Little artists aim high to have their drawings featured on billboards across the country

More winners than ever in a new and improved format!


The competition that turns the most vivid scene from a kid’s imagination into a sky-high reality is back and bigger than ever. Returning this summer, the BIC® KIDS Young Artist Award is giving proud parents across the UK and Republic of Ireland the opportunity to see their child’s drawings graduate from the fridge door to a massive public billboard!

Open to all 5-11 year old kids, entrants are encouraged to flex their creative muscles and draw with complete freedom. Judges will award points for everything from creativity and use of colour to composition and subject matter.

In continued partnership with Mumsnet, the BIC® Young Artist Award celebrates the creativity of children from across the country, with 13 finalists selected to represent their region before an overall champion is crowned. Entries are open from Monday 2nd July – Sunday 5th August.

Once your kids have created their masterpieces, parents can enter simply by and uploading the artwork before the deadline on Sunday 5th August. An expert judging panel made up of creatives from the marketing, publishing and illustration industries will select the regional finalists, whose work will be displayed on regional billboards from late August. A public vote will then decide the ultimate winner, whose drawing will go nationwide in late September.

Rebecca Huda, BIC® UK and Ireland’s Product Manager – Stationery, said: “We’re delighted to be returning with our BIC® KIDS Young Artist Award for 2018. Last year’s competition was a great success and we were overwhelmed by the quality of the artwork we received.

“We can’t wait for this year’s imaginative entries to start pouring in ready to be displayed across the country, there’ll be some proud parents for sure.”

Carrie Longton, co-founder of Mumsnet said: “Following on from the success of last year’s competition we’re really excited to see what the creative kids across the UK have in store for us this summer! Sitting down with a pen and paper is such a formative experience and gives children a chance to let their imaginations run wild. Seeing something that you’ve created plastered on a massive billboard is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and if the standard is anything like last year then we’re in for a treat.”

As well as the priceless opportunity to have their drawings published, the 13 deserving finalists will win a hamper full of BIC® KIDS goodies. Specifically designed to help children to hone their artistic talent, these hampers will include an array of exciting stationery products including the BIC® Kids Evolution®Ecolutions® colouring pencils, Kid Couleur felt pens and Plastidecor® crayons, to name just a few.

Back To School Essentials from U Studio Design. Notebooks & Pencil Sets.

We are U Studio, a contemporary & design-led publisher of cards and gifts. We design and develop all of our products at our Bristol based studio and collaborate with artists, illustrators and photographers from all over the world. We love art & we make art.

We produce: greeting cards, postcards, tote bags, pencils, card frames, notebooks, pin badges, patches, mugs, coasters, screen prints, temporary tattoos, air fresheners, washi tape, ceramics, card games & gift wrap.

We have been going strong since 2003 and supply many of the best retail shops and galleries in the UK. You can find us in Paperchase, Scribbler, Waterstones, The Tate Modern, The Design Museum, The V&A, Urban Outfitters, John Lewis, Selfridges & Co & many more, including some of the nicest independent stores all over the world.


Summer Games & Back To School Essentials Sorted with The Personalisation Specialists!


About Find Me A Gift

Memorable gifts brought to you by the fun and quirky!

Company Overview
Hello! At Find Me A Gift we find you gifts to choose from so that you can find your friend a gift, easy!
We have over 9,000 gifts to choose from and our gift hunters add new lines every week, so there’s the perfect gift for everyone.
We began in June 2000, and to this day we specialise in a wide range of gadgets, experiences, toys, novelty and personalised gifts. We deliver across the planet, provide penny saving opportunities and 24/7 shopping!
Our social is pretty fun too!

Finalists for The eCommerce Awards 2015; Medium Sized Company and Site Re-Design.

From Name a Star to Snore No More; Cure for Farting or an Inflatable Unicorn Costume? Maybe Dust Mop Slippers or a Selfie Stick; yummy Chocolate Pizzas or Personalised Champagne? Afternoon Tea or sip a lot of wine at a Wine Tasting- you name that gift – we’ve got it!

Giant Avocado Eraser and Sharpener

Personalised Unicorn Swim Kit Bag

Personalised Butterfly Pencil Case and Stationary Set

Hogwarts Backpack

Fluffy Unicorn Notebook

Disney Play That Tune Kazoo Game

Duel Combat

Weird Dough

Stepping Into Science

Memory Maze Challenge Game

Happy schooltime snacking with HIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Puffs

The start of the school year is almost here, so it’s time to get packing those lunchboxes again. If you are looking for a healthy snack that your child will love, why not try HIPPEAS® Organic Chickpea Puffs!


Now the UK’s fastest growing free-from snack, HIPPEAS® are both nutritious and delicious and ideal for parents and children alike! In line with Public Health England’s recent recommendations for children’s snacktime, HIPPEAS® are under 100 calories and they are packed full of protein and fibre, making them the ideal schooltime fuel. HIPPEAS® also contain no allergens and are free from gluten, dairy and nuts.

Not just for kids, HIPPEAS® are great for the whole family! Available in single and sharing bags, you can be ready for any playdate or for any healthy snacking on-the-go. There are also 6 far out flavours to choose from, so even the pickiest eaters will find a tasty flavour to enjoy!

HIPPEAS® deliver across-the-board, ticking all the key boxes:
• Only 91 calories per bag
• Vegan
• Gluten free
• Organic
• High in fibre
• A good source of protein
• 6 tasty flavours to choose from

So this September, #GivePeasAChance and pick up a bag of HIPPEAS® – your kids will thank you!

HIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Puffs RRP: 22g single serve, RRP £0.99 and 78g sharing bag, RRP £1.99.
Available from Amazon, Asda, Boots, Coop, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Wholefoods and a range of independents.

Find out more: / @Hippeas_Snacks_UK



Free Mobile App to Create the Path to College >

CollegePath is the first free mobile app that provides customized weekly college admissions guidance tailored to a student’s interests, activities, and goals. CollegePath has just launched and is now available to students and parents in grades 7-12. The app covers every component of the college admissions process.

As rugby grows in popularity and is now a NCAA sport, CollegePath provides guidance for middle and high school families about how to navigate the recruitment process AND ensure that students have competitive grades and test scores to earn admission to their dream college. For students who seek to play rugby at a club level or just for fun, CollegePath provides strategy for students to demonstrate the value they add as engaged and passionate leaders in their communities.

CollegePath are excited to support rugby players turn their love of the sport into college admission success.

See more at and get the app free @ :-

Convenient, healthier snacks are back to school essentials. Fruitypot & Jelly Squeeze are perfect.

Fruitypot TWITTER | Fruitypot FACEBOOK | Jelly Squeeze FACEBOOK | Fruitypot INSTAGRAM

Busy parents are looking for quick and easy alternatives to crisps and chocolate. Both young and old alike will love the high quality, tasty, fruity snacks that are perfect for children’s lunch boxes, or as a mid-afternoon snack at work, or on-the-go!


These are a great addition to any lunchbox, whether for a child or adult looking for an ‘at desk’ lunch option. The ambient snacks are tasty pieces of fruit in juice or jelly and make a great lunch-time food fix, or after-school snack.
Available in six ready to eat flavours; Pineapple, Mandarin and Peach & Pear (in fruit juice) and Peach, Tropical and Mandarin (in jelly). Fruitypot products are made with real fruit, have no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives and no artificial colours – plus they are vegan, lactose free and gluten free.


This fuss-free jelly comes in individual, resealable pouches. They can be enjoyed by everyone and are particularly suited to those with allergies or people with specific dietary requirements. They are made with real fruit juice, contain no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives and no artificial colours, plus they are vegan, lactose free and gluten free.
JellySqueeze pouches are available in Strawberry, Orange and Apple & Blackcurrant.

Available at Asda, Booths, East of England Coop and Nisa, as well as online at Ocado and Amazon. Fruitypot and JellySqueeze can also be found at various garden centres, independents, leisure and theme parks. Prices start from just 50p.

 YoToGo’s (Patented) innovative products that enable people to eat healthy on-the-go & a workplace, training and school room functionality!

YoToGo is BPA free, dishwasher/washing machine safe and collapsible! Spillproof too!!



YoToGo’s mission is to provide innovative products that enable people to eat healthy on-the-go!

YoToGo is a PATENTED insulated cooler for individual Greek yogurt cups. Each YoToGo comes complete with an ice pack and spoon and keeps yogurt cool for up to 3 hours. Although initially invented for yogurt, fans use YoToGo for hummus cups, applesauce, pudding, fruit, hard boiled eggs and so much more! The possibilities are endless!

With coffee shops and fast food on every corner it’s tempting to grab a high calorie snack when hunger strikes. With YoToGo, you can take a high protein yogurt or snack with you. YoToGo fits perfectly in a purse, briefcase, yoga/sports bag or backpack. Collapsible when finished eating. BPA free and dishwasher/washing machine safe.

100% natural, delicious and organic smoothies delivered in a convenient, on-the-go pouch for easy, better-for-you snacking.


Ceres Juices ( just introduced a new collection of 100% natural, delicious and organic fruit smoothies delivered in a convenient, on-the-go pouch for easy, better-for-you snacking. Made from only the freshest natural fruit sourced from around the world, Ceres Juices brings you farm-to-table freshness that is truly “nature’s perfect juice”.

Ceres’ Smoothie to Go pack the heavenly taste of perfectly ripe, organic fruit into a healthy, sippable snack that is filled with the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body craves without any fillers, GMOs or added sugars. Packed at the peak of freshness to preserve the pure, crisp taste of exotic real fruit, Smoothies to Go are the ideal way to get your “five-a-day” recommended servings of fruits and 100% of your daily Vitamin C. Each smoothie contains small chunks of luscious real fruit.

Available in three mouthwatering flavors to satisfy your summertime cravings, enjoy the rich taste and real fruit texture of Tropical, Mango and Apple Berry blend. Naturally vegan and gluten-free, Smoothie to Go help you maintain optimal health while delighting your tastebuds with full-flavored, natural sweetness crafted just as Mother Nature intended.


Kiddimoto helmets! So stylish and high quality and most importantly giving superb protection! For kids who are cycling/scooting to school! What a great range!


Kiddimoto have over 15 years experience producing top quality balance bikes and accessories for kids aged 18 months to 5 years.

They are well known for the quality and style of their helmets, and it is the perfect time to be talking about the importance of a helmet as kids may be cycling/scooting to school in the morning in busy areas that they are perhaps unfamiliar with!

They have a wide range of designs to suit all tastes, and they even produce officially licensed replica motorcycle legends helmets!

Kiddimoto is the UK’s original balance bike company. They produce a wide range of award-winning balance bikes, ride-ons and matching accessories from our headquarters in Somerset.

2003: Kiddimoto was born after founder Simon Booth built a wooden prototype of a balance bike in his flat in Axbridge, Somerset.

2004: Production began in earnest at a workshop in Cheddar, where the Superbike and Scrambler became the first bikes off the Kiddimoto production line.

2006: The first of a string of accolades came with the prestigious Hamleys One of a Kind toy of the year award.

2009: Having outgrown its previous premises, Kiddimoto moved to a brand new location in the tiny village of Westbury-Sub-Mendip in the Somerset countryside near Wells.

2011: Simon made an appearance on the BBC’s popular Dragons’ Den programme. After a gruelling interrogation, he left with investment offers from two Dragons!

2013: With business booming, the Westbury warehouse was expanded in order to keep up with demand from the UK and abroad.

2015: Kiddimoto won its most prestigious accolade yet, with the Queen’s Award for International Trade.

Back to School Stationery

New Term Essentials for Writers of All Ages


With the new term comes new stationery, so to help you keep your cravings in check (kind of!), luxury gift hub, Pen Heaven present their hot favourites for the coming season.

We all remember that first day back after a long, hot summer, looking forward to catching up with those you haven’t seen over the holidays and the excitement of showing off your latest stationery kit. Be it a state-of-the-art fountain pen that you just can’t wait to wear in, or a journal that is has been waiting to have its fresh pages scrawled upon, using your writing essentials for the first time always brings back a sense of nostalgia.

Offering a fine array of coveted items, from the trustworthy Parker and functional Lamy, to the lesser known Kaweco and fashionable Caran d’Ache, Pen Heaven cater to stationery lovers of all ages. With in-house engraving available on most items too, it’s never been easier to put your own stamp on your new collection.

Guaranteed to make you the envy of the office or classroom, Pen Heaven present their new term essentials:

Kaweco Perkeo Bad Taste Fountain Pen, £13.90


Palmi Large Grained Leather Journal, £19.50

Lamy Tipo Pearl Rollerball Pen, £7.90

Peacock Large Half Leather Bound Journal, £33.90

Parker Jotter London Architecture Special Edition Black Postmodern Ballpoint Pen, £17.20

Otto Hutt Design 01 Fountain Pen – Black/Rose Gold, £95

Bomo Art Large Half Leather Bound Journal – Balloons, £39.50

Caran D’Ache 849 ‘Metal X’ Blue Ballpoint Pen, £21

Lamy Al-Star Bluegreen Fountain Pen, £22.96

Filofax The Original A5 Organiser – Coral, £76.50

Diplomat Aero Orange Fountain Pen, £130

Cross ATX Brushed Black Ballpoint Pen, £55

Stationery with Style



 Sandisk Ultra Fit 3.1 USB. (£5.99 16GB)

The USB can store students homework in one location with password protection and is able to transfer files 15x faster than a normal USB.

Unlike other USB’s, the Sandisk Ultra-fit is so small it doesn’t protrude from your laptop and can easily fit in your pencil case!


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Now You See Me bus pass lanyard (Black)

Never Lose your bus pass again with this lanyard and pass holder. With five funky designs to choose from, a safety release opening and lobster clasp attachment, it’s ready to catch the school bus when you are.
Now You See Me Bus Pass Lanyard £5

Now You See Me twin-zip pencil case (Black)

Make sure your stationary is super-organised in this soft block pencil case. With awesome prints on the outside, it has handy compartments on the inside to store all your Smiggle pencils and pens.
Now You See Me Twin Zip Pencil Case £10

Stylin’ double-up hardtop pencil case (Blue)

Brighten your school day with this double hardtop pencil case from our Stylin’ range. It comes with loads of strage space – two double zip compartments, inner mesh compartments, large zip pocket and pen slots.

Stylin’ Double Hardtop Pencil Case

Stylin’ wallet (Blue)

This tri-fold wallet is perfect for storing your pocket money. A silicone secented badge with Velcro closure helps keep your money safe.
Stylin’ Character Wallet £8.50


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