Blisslets: Feel & look good with Blisslets Nausea Relief Jewelry!

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Introducing you to Blisslets acupressure bracelets, the ultimate Father’s Day gift for dads who love to travel, boat, or game. Nausea-relief bracelets have long been used by travelers to control motion sickness without side effects, but let’s face it, the ugly and conspicuous options available in the past were always an embarrassment to wear. Enter Blisslets, the only stylish wristbands that provide discrete acupressure for fast, drug-free relief.

Using a proven, drug-free technique, Blisslets prevent and relieve nausea while going undercover as stylish accessories. They’re effective for nausea from motion sickness, virtual reality, vertigo, migraines, chemotherapy, and more. Our brand-new Hudson Duo design retails for $28.99 per set at 20% off coupon with code Rugby20

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