BLOG by ETHICAL BEDDING: The Ultimate Duvet Tog Guide… Discover the Science of Comfort: Duvet Togs Explained!

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Discover the Science of Comfort: Duvet Togs Explained!

BLOG: The Ultimate Duvet Tog Guide

How to find the right duvet tog

Choosing a duvet with the right level of heat retention is perhaps the most important decision you can make when buying bedding. To find the right duvet tog, it’s importnant to… consider tog rating, thread count…

Duvet tog rating system explained
When browsing duvets, it can be helpful to have an idea of what the different tog ratings mean. The scale ranges from 1 to 15, with 1 being very cool and 15 being the warmest – but most duvets start at 4.5:

4.5 tog – a 4.5 tog rating is designed to keep you cool at night, and ideal for anyone who suffers from night sweats. It’s the best duvet for hot sleepers, especially in the summer.
7.0 tog – a 7.0 tog rating is still on the cooler end, but offers a little more warmth if your room is air conditioned or you keep a fan on in the night. It’s also perhaps the best duvet type for when the temperature begins to start fluctuating between seasons, and often chosen for year-round bedding.
10.5 tog – slightly warmer, a 10.5 tog rating continues to offer enough insulation to keep you toasty when it’s cold without becoming unbearable in the heat. This type of duvet is generally considered best either side of winter.

13.5 tog – a 13.5 tog rated duvet is ideal for cold-weather bedding, but might become a little too much when the temperature starts to crank up. Consider buying alongside a cooler quilt that you can swap over.
15 tog – a particularly thick duvet,15 is the highest tog duvet rating, and, again, might feel a bit too much in the heat. You should almost definitely consider buying alongside a thinner duvet, so you have a cooler option.
Before buying new bedding, it’s also worth acknowledging that, while commonly the case, duvet thickness and heaviness doesn’t always equate to warmth. Some materials and fillings can be heavier than others, but provide a cooler sleeping experience. The only way to determine warmth is to check the tog rating.

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