BLOG… Spring Essentials >> Leefy Organics

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BLOG… Spring Essentials >> Leefy Organics

Leefy Organics is an alcohol free turmeric and ginger elixir used for natural inflammation support dietary supplement. Leefy is known to be a life changing product and is a great alternative for a pain reliever.

The Powerful Turmeric Elixir on Celebrity Radars

The health and wellness secrets of celebrities and star athletes never go unnoticed in the news. I want to introduce you to the turmeric supplement that’s getting attention from Hollywood actors and celebrities, professional basketball and baseball players, famous fashion bloggers, and Olympians. The Los Angeles Lakers players to the entire cast and workers at the CBS sitcom, The Neighborhood are fans of this hot new product.

Leefy Organics is the maker of the powerful elixir PRANA and it’s redefining the market for the bright orange ancient root widely popular in health and wellness routines.

PRANA stands out from most products, not only because it’s the best tasting, but how it absorbs so effectively into the body. Use it to combat congestion, inflammatory pain, poor digestion and many other ailments. As we could all use an immunity boost right now, PRANA with its anti-inflammatory properties is a natural alternative and prevention of taking over-the-counter medication..

PRANA Speaks to Why the Absorption of Nutrients Is So Important
“It’s not what you eat, it’s what you absorb!”

This all organic, non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free formula is unlocking the true potential a turmeric supplement can have on your body.

It starts with better absorption: Unlike a pill or a powder, this liquid formula is absorbed right from your mouth instead of having to pass through the harsh environment of the stomach.

Key ingredients lead to improved absorption of nutrients: Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric credited with providing the anti-inflammatory properties and thanks to this formula, you get a full-spectrum, healthier dose of it. PRANA combines turmeric with black pepper shown to boost curcumin absorption. Additionally, the formula uses nutrient-rich ginger for its powerful synergistic benefits.

The Critical Lipid that Makes One Sweet Elixir: The naturally sweet-tasting vegetable glycerin serves as the critical lipid base needed for maximum curcumin absorption.. It’s also the effective solvent for herbal extraction ensuring a full spectrum turmeric and ginger product.

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About Leefy Organics: Carl Kuran a certified holistic nutritionist and founder of Leefy Organics. As a firm believer in holistic healing and a passion to help others heal themselves, his attention turned to his mother’s health. She had such severe mucus congestion she couldn’t breathe or sleep, and her doctors weren’t finding a medical solution. While anti-inflammatory foods turmeric and ginger provided some relief, it wasn’t enough. After research and experimenting with different formulations, Carl came to a breakthrough in more effective turmeric absorption. This miracle formula later became known as Prana, the life changing signature product of Leefy Organics.

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