“BRADA means Beard” — and in this case, it’s also the name of BROOKLYN BEARD ESSENTIALS beard oil and beard balm. www.BeBrooklyn.biz

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“BRADA means Beard” — and in this case, it’s also the name of BROOKLYN BEARD ESSENTIALS beard oil and beard balm



BRADA Beard Balm ($19.29 for 2 oz tin) combines shea butter, natural white beeswax and argan oil into a thick emollient balm to condition and tame your beard. Great for moustaches too.

BE Brooklyn Beard Essentials BRADA: Best Beard Balm with Shea Butter, Beeswax and Argan Oil Premium Blend Kings County Supreme Fragrance Free Unscented 2 oz
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BRADA MEANS BEARD — Condition, groom and tame your beard with the highest quality ingredients available
NATURAL INGREDIENTS — Naturally refined shea butter and pure white beeswax create a base for 9 carefully selected natural oils which combine for the smoothest balm you can imagine.
PROVEN RESULTS — This popular balm has been highly praised by the country’s best barbers and stylists, and is now available online for direct purchase.
SOFTEN STUBBLE — The rich, emollient balm works well to soften stubble, whether you keep it short or are growing it into a full beard.
MOUSTACHES TOO — BRADA Beard Balm also works well on moustaches.

BRADA Beard Oil ($18.69 for 1 oz bottle) is an unscented blend of 9 oils including Avocado and Vitamin E to soothe skin, eliminate beardruff, encourage beard growth and tame crazy beard hair. It’s perfect for daily use to moisturize and soften healthy beards.

BE Brooklyn Beard Essentials BRADA: Best Beard Oil Supreme Unscented with Vitamin E, Avacado & Argan Oils Soothes Skin, Eliminates Beardruff, Encourages Growth, Tames Crazy Beard Hair
by Prime Point

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CULTIVATE YOUR BEST BEARD — Use Daily to Moisturize Beard Hair, Stimulate Growth, Reduce Beardruff, Care, Calm and Soothe Skin and Look Your Best
HIGH QUALITY — Recommended by the Country’s Best Barbers and Skin Experts. Handcrafted in USA Using a Premium Selection of Nutrient Rich All Natural Ingredients including Vitamin E, Avacado and Argan Oils for a Thick, Soft and Healthy Beard
CRUELTY FREE — Not Tested On Animals; PARABEN FREE for Better Health; CAREFULLY PACKAGED in Amber Glass Bottle to Protect Product and Extend Shelf Life
BRADA means BEARD — Rock Your Best Hipster Vibe with BEARD ESSENTIALS BROOKLYN, a grooming line which also include Brada balm and Art Show tattoo care.
A MANLY GIFT — Perfect masculine stocking stuffer for Christmas, present for Dad on Father’s Day, gift for a great guy on his birthday (husband, boyfriend, son, grandpa), or anytime your man wants to look his very best for you.


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