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Organic? Yup. Fairtrade? Of course. 100% recyclable? It is now.

Recently, London coffee company CRU Kafe launches the first ever 100% recyclable organic coffee capsules, each filled with amazing, ethically sourced coffee.

We are excited to introduce the first ever capsules that are organic, ethically sourced and crucially, made from 100% recyclable material. On 23 July, our re-imagined capsules became available in-store at Waitrose and Tesco and on our website

Since starting out five years ago, Notting Hill-born CRU Kafe have been producing the finest Nespresso-compatible organic capsules on the market. We are the premier CRU of the bean world, whether you buy us at Waitrose, Tesco or on our website, the quest has always been to deliver ethically sourced coffee, in the most sustainable packaging whilst maintaining taste and freshness.

So, what’s new? After rigorously testing every compostable option currently available, we have chosen to move to become 100% aluminium. This guarantees full recyclability, an airtight oxygen barrier and complete freshness, meaning you can enjoy your CRU Kafe exactly as it should be. The most recyclable of all materials out there, it can be melted down and reformed without losing any of its quality. It also gives the capsules a shelf life of at least 12 months. Another change is for our online customers, we have created letterbox friendly packaging as we aim to bring a CRU Kafe quite literally, to your bedside.

Unsurprisingly, the three friends who founded CRU, are all passionate about coffee. The original ‘light bulb moment’ came when Norwegian ex-model and co-founder Bodil Blain saw a friend digging out the grains from a Nespresso capsule with a spoon, to replace them with an organic, Fairtrade version. Given the popularity of the capsule single serve coffee market and with no-one else out there offering an organic and Fairtrade alternative, we thought we’d do it.

Our new capsule range includes three single origin blends – an intensely rich, chocolatey one from India, a Columbian variety with crisp notes of nuts and berries and a truly exceptional, beautifully balanced Peruvian decaf. There are also three multi-origin blends: CRU’s original light roast with floral notes of citrus, a dark, full-bodied option perfect paired with milk and a bold, intense espresso. So, whether you like your coffee light, strong, clean or complex, CRU has a blend to make your day.

Being 100% organic and Fairtrade means all our beans are certified by the Soil Association and we ensure we only work with farmers and co-operatives that are reinvesting their profits back into their communities. Because there is solely one material used (100% aluminium) you can recycle your capsules at home alongside your usual recyclables and deposit the grounds in your compost or food waste bin. Considering the significant environmental impact of your average consumer item designed for convenience, it all feels like the right way to go.

So, if you’re yet to try it, there has never been a better moment. Order through our website and enjoy a starter Pack, where you can choose three different tubes of blends or a Discovery Pack, containing six tubes covering the full range of capsules.

Prices start from £3.30 for ten capsules.

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