Date online??? Costs getting out of control? Can these costs be reduced!

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Date online??? Costs getting out of control? Can these costs be reduced!

Dating Apps! Dating Sites! Are you tempted to unlock the “extra features” for a fee!!!??? A certain amount of this it is our opinion is absolutely fine. The sites need to make revenue to pay the meployees and they are providing a service and perhaps this reduces or eliminates the need to pay for everything through as much or even any advertsing! However… are you finind your costs are getting out of hand so to speak. Are you costs simply getting to high! What is a realsitic sensible figure! If someone has just liked you and you can reveal the like by purchasing points for example… for £2.50 is this not ok… ?

Realistically you have got to know each month what you costs are and what your disposable cash is. If you have a dating budget of £50 for example per month. Maybe if it goes over that you should be looking at the sites you are using and even your habits. With endorphines being released as you receive likes, compliments, messages from fellow daters who are expressing interest in you then maybe you are addicted to this endorphine! Maybe its time to go cold turkey ! Weening youself of this constant need for endorphine rushes could be unhealthy!

Paying a fee to swipe and reveal on an app may be fun and exciting but if the cost are heading towards £100 per month maybe it is time to reduce this! Perhaps other aspects of your approach are unhelpful. For example are you finding that the most suitable dates are over 100 miles away and just too far away! Or even on another continent!

Consider searching online for sites that cater for your locality like searching for Hertfordshire singles or Hertfordshire dating  if you are in that location and replacing Hertfordsghire for your location if not.

You see, online dating is so popular that there are literally hundreds of thousands of dating sites. They are in every country where there is an internet conenction (as far as we know at the time of publishing). Apart from the fact that customs and traditions vary so widely having physical access to your dates is well, its convienance. Call it convienance dating if you will!

So, if you are paying for like and reveals for fellow daters who are a plane journey away then perhaps it is time to conduct a little excercise that could lead to reduced costs and increased success and of course even a life partner!

Managing finances is so important because it also curtials our shall we say psychological mistakes. What we are getting at here is the tendency to have uncontrolled flow so to speak. For example paying to reveal likes or messages on a dating app. The reason being it can get out of control and you could find your entire months disposable money spent in one week!

Balancing this with the desire to meet great singles and go dating even finding a life long partner!

Definitely food for thought and worth thinking through the implications of all this! Have a happy and safe time whatever you do!

Best wishes!

Rugby Rep Dating Correspondent!


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