Fresh New Plastic-Free Look for Peppersmith Mints

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Fresh New Plastic-Free Look for Peppersmith Mints


Vegan-friendly mint brand Peppersmith is excited to be switching to fresh new plastic-free packaging to be kinder to the planet. They’ve launched their new bright, bold plastic free packs just in time for summer, perfect for keeping people fresh for festivals, holidays and hot dates this summer.

The vibrant, eye-catching new style picks up on the striking colours associated with the flavours – a mint green for peppermint, a bold summery yellow for lemon mints and a bright red for the strawberry pastilles. The Peppersmith packs now use a specially designed perforated tamper-proof tab on FSC accredited, fully recyclable card so that they no longer have to use plastic to seal the packs.

Peppersmith’s products are still sweetened with the plant-based sweetener xylitol. It is the perfect sugar substitute being low calorie, low GI, and amazing at protecting teeth by minimising the build-up of plaque and killing 90% of bacteria in the mouth. Xylitol used together with other natural and plant-based ingredients mean Peppersmith mints are vegan-friendly and proven to be good for you.
The Peppersmith mint and pastille range consists of: Peppermint Mints, Extra Strong Mints, Lemon Mints and Strawberry Pastilles.
They are available online at or from Morrisons, Sainsbury’s Local, Ocado, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett and Whole Foods Market and all good health food stores. RRP from £1.27