How Many People Find Love Online? What Is The Data Telling Us?

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How Many People Find Love Online? What Is The Data Telling Us?

It is hard to believe that online dating has been around problably almost as long as the internet itself. The first dedicated internet dating site launched in 1995! Estimates and data tell us that since then the number of people who have found love online has increased from 2% to a whopping 39% !

With the increase in internet usage and the expansion of internet access across the globe more people are spending more and more time online rather than watching or listening to traditional forms of entertainment and news such as television, radio and newspapers.

In a startling revelation people are listening much more to classical music than they ever have and actually many people are moving away from contemporary musical attempts.

Quality is the watch word. Quality of time, quality of goods received and quailty of expereince. With so much to be acheived in our lives and so much momentum forward a modern renaissance has evolved if you will.

Quality. Precision and intention. The quality of one’s mental life and being. Where are we within ourselves… is it eratic, is it all over the place or are we calm and in control moving into our future on a positive path.

The pace and uptake of internet dating may well continue and expand but the expansion of prosperity across the globe is creating an increasing number of consciosnesses that understand an aware personal satisfaction in greater numbers than ever before.

From China to Derbyshire Dating and from a easily accessble Derbyshire Dating Site people are meeting their significant other online. All over the globe this renaissance in love is occuring.

Yes people are making practical considerations of course. First and foremost but romance is re-emerging. As if to break free of the shackles of practical reality people are abandoning the cuities and flocking to wide iopen spaces for picnics and to experience golden sunsets and the feelings of eternity that mother nature give’s us.

This type of love, the type that is filled with feeling and joy and times spent together that are irreplacable and cannot be simulated. Real expereicnes togther going to the fairground. Watching ducks playing and feeding and little chicks. Keeping chickens together and growing vegetables.

Hot cross buns at Easter… and picnics in golden meadows overlooking a sunlit scene of green pastures and lakes and scenes that are only present in the greatest paintings. Like little rabbits or baby squirrels playing together. they are tumbling and rolling trhrough the grass and having so much fun together.

Then the big bad wolf of practical reality must be returned to ! And so it has been for eternity… life is a series of highs, lows and inbetweens… the sun rises each day and the seasons roll one into the other and every year we can expereince the greatest of times together and enhjopy each of these precious moments!

This is why dating is so importnat and so successful online. It is this feeling of connection that we adore!

Please enjoy your life and live it to the full!

Very very best wishes!

The Rugby Rep America Editor For Dating Love & Romance!

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