In a syndicated interview Zinzan Brooke comments on the upcoming England v New Zealand Game…

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Getting the chance to interview Zinzan Brooke is one of those top of the list items to do on a rugby website so when the guys at InTouch Rugby did just that we read avidly and decided to make a post giving some thoughts on that interview and the chance to read which is linked below…

Zinzan was apparently completely open to any question at all! Massive thanks to him and what an explosive interview.. with the England v New Zealand Game this weekend it adds a special dimension as Zinzan is literally a legend whos most famous moment was a drop goal against England in the All Blacks Jersey in the semi-final final of the world cup 1995… its literalyl one of the most iconic drop goals ever!

The interview touches on many aspects fo the game and clearly sets the scene perfectly for this weekends game..

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