Interview! My Experience with CBD in association with, by the Rugby Rep States Curator!

Interview! My Experience with CBD in association with, by […]

Interview! My Experience with CBD in association with, by the InTouch Rugby Curator!


“Our aim is to help people benefit from the effects of CBD within your life by using it as a daily complementary supplement. All our organic whole-plant based oils contain no THC and will not get you high and are LEGAL to use in the UK.
We are an online retailer and wholesaler of CBD products. They are made from organically grown hemp and are lab tested to ensure potency..
CBD Hemporium Ltd is a family owned business that strives to produce safe, organic and fully tested CBD products to improve everyone’s daily quality of life.
Our CBD oil based food supplements include tea, coffee, vape, chocolates and gummies. Full spectrum hemp extract. Safe and legal to buy in the UK.”


Question 1: Why did you decide to try CBD products?

Answer: I had heard about CBD products several times and after a little light reading from very satisfied users around a range of problems I decided to research further and I found that the science is actually pointing to real medical uses fro these products, that CBD products do indeed work! I decided to try them as soon as possible for an upper back pain issue and I found immediate and lasting relief from symptoms!

Question 2: What CBD products have you tried and which do you use regularly?

Answer: I use an oil which I drop into my tea in the morning, 6 drops everyday! that’s it!

Question 3: What is your experience with using CBD products on a regular basis?

Answer: Very good, I just take my 6 drops and go!

Question 4: How did you figure out what kind of product(s) to get, what dosage would be best, and how to use CBD products for overall wellness?

Answer: I followed the instructions on the product and the advice of my supplier!

Question 6: What are the important factors for you in choosing what CBD products to buy and where to purchase them from?

Answer: Quality of the product and hygiene!

Question 7: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Answer: Nothing except to reiterate I have found the drops work for me and with the added benefits of reduced feelings of anxiety I really think I;m getting a bonus!