“Keep Sharp” Tasty jellies to support focus and mental clarity. www.highernature.co.uk (£6.50 today)

“Keep Sharp” Tasty jellies to support focus and mental clarity. (£6.50 today)



Higher Nature has over 15 years experience in providing the best nutrition for all your health needs, and we take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality, most effective and trusted nutritional supplements money can buy. Over the years we have established an outstanding reputation across the world for quality, integrity and great customer service.

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Keep Sharp

Protect your brain as you age with Keep Sharp, tasty jelly supplements formulated to support the normal function of your brain. Bursting with healthy omega fish oils, a source of brain-nourishing DHA, as well as zinc, B vitamins and CoQ10, these delicious jellies support cognitive function and encourage a sharper mind. A great alternative to tablets, take just one to two orange and lemon flavoured jellies a day. Plus, unlike other omega supplements, these have no fishy aftertaste.

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