Kodak Pixpro’s Astro Zoom AZ401 digital camera – taking amateur photographers to the next level. www.pixpro.world

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Kodak Pixpro’s Astro Zoom AZ401 digital camera – taking amateur photographers to the next level



Being able to capture truly amazing action shots can be tricky. But, this is an issue that’s been solved by the Kodak Pixpro Astro Zoom AZ401, which is the ideal camera for amateur photographers to capture, and share, every shot of their on-the-go adventures.

AZ401 – passion and performance go hand-in-hand

The Kodak Pixpro AZ401 features a 16 megapixel CCD sensor, helping capture sharp and detailed images – during an active game of rugby even! You can take pictures from a long distance away, with a 40x ultra long optical zoom and a powerful 160x digital zoom.

Ideal for developing your photography knowledge, the AZ401 uses similar functions to a DSLR camera and has optical image stabilization so there are far less blurry shots of the action. With 13 scene modes and a useful 180-degree panorama function, you can also capture creative images and get the best possible final photos, using the face beautifier feature to easily amend portraits of the team.

You can also shoot HD footage of the game at up to 30 fps, using this camera – which is compact enough to fit easily in your hand, making it ideal for travelling and outdoor photography.

The Astro Zoom AZ401 is a snip at just £199.99 but Kodak Pixpro offers a far wider camera range, with something to suit every pocket and need, and a variety of lenses and zoom functions. Visit http://www.pixpro.world/ to see what else Kodak Pixpro has in its camera range. Alternatively visit Currys and search “Kodak Pixpro” to find the range currently available via that stockist.


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