LactiGo! After bringing together U.S. Gold Medalists, NFL players and college football coaches they agreed on two thing – they could use an extra boost in their workouts and LatiGo makes all the difference. &

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After bringing together U.S. Gold Medalists, NFL players and college football coaches they agreed on two thing – they could use an extra boost in their workouts and LatiGo makes all the difference.

Perfect for world-class athletes, or a world-class dad bod, LatiGo will help fathers workout better and recover faster. Just topically apply LactiGo gel onto active muscles 45 minutes prior to a workout activity or competition and see the results.



OutPlay Inc (OPI), a company focusing on improving the human experience, is pleased to announce that their patent pending, flagship sports performance product LactiGo™ is now available in Europe at Research for the LactiGo formula began in 2009 as an international collaboration of scientists and sports enthusiasts who were searching for a safe, sanctioned, and healthy solution to the challenge of sports performance and recovery, whether in elite, professional athletes or weekend warriors.

This fast-acting, topical gel has been proven to increase performance in elite athletes by up to 15% after only one application. Virtually all LactiGo users report improved performance, and a growing body of testimony from athletes and scientific experts alike is building a solid case for this sports performance gel. LactiGo has been studied at a select number of elite U.S. universities. One of whom was so astounded by its results that they conducted a double-blind pilot study and found that if an American football player applies LactiGo 40 minutes before running the 40-yard dash, he would cross the finish line up to 5.9 ft. faster, after just one application.

“It’s no coincidence that my form has been good ever since I’ve been applying the LactiGo gel. My recovery after games is much better and fatigue from playing and training is not as big a problem for me as it might have been previously. I certainly feel that using LactiGo is helping me extend my career further” said Richard Hibbard, Wales and Lions Test hooker.

“LactiGo has changed the way I train my players. We can go harder for so much longer and not have the soreness that would normally be associated with that kind of volume of work. This is a revolutionary product with astronomical results that will change college sports.” said Je’Ney Jackson, Former Director of Football Strength and Conditioning, Kansas University, Former NFL Player.


The brand LactiGo was developed over the past three years following rigorous scientific investigation, countless success stories, and has numerous patents pending. With each passing day, more and more athletes are weighing in on LactiGo’s positive benefits.

“I have played in the NFL for 13 seasons. LactiGo is one of my secret weapons. It helps me compete at the highest level every single day!” said Nick Novak, Los Angeles Chargers.

“I’ve been using LactiGo for two years. LactiGo helps me jump further, it helped me get that extra boost. I really appreciate what LactiGo has done to help me achieve another medal. It is a great product, and I’ll continue to use it until I get ready to retire,” said Brittney Reese, American long jumper, Olympic Gold Medalist and a seven-time world champion.

The scientific evidence is equally compelling. Exercise physiologist Chad Macias and nutritionist Tim Sharpe collaborated on a study of LactiGo through the University of Western States that was published in June, 2016 in the peer-reviewed Journal of Exercise Physiology Online. Using elite male soccer players from the Italian Serie League as test subjects, Macias and Sharpe reported an “increase in aerobic and anaerobic work capacity” following the use of LactiGo.

“LactiGo is the real deal. The study conducted by Chad Macias and Tim Sharpe using elite soccer players as subjects proved that the gel enhances sports performance in a big way and is safe. Even more compelling data are emerging to show how beneficial this is going to be.” said Brad Dieter, PhD, OPI Scientific Advisory Board Chair.

LactiGo is now used by professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA Tour, Premier League, MMA, Rugby Union and more.

Approximately 67 million Americans currently participate daily in some sort of sport or exercise and the US vitamin and supplement market is worth 35 billion dollars.The global supplement market is expected to reach 278 billion dollars by 2024.

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