Lovegrove Essentials luxurious holistic skincare and grooming products.

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Lovegrove Essentials luxurious holistic skincare and grooming products.


Using natural products doesn’t mean you have to compromise on luxury or efficacy! Lovegrove Essentials have created a range of natural facial skincare, handmade using ethically sourced ingredients of the highest quality. The products have been carefully formulated to support you through the different stages in your life. Suitable for all ages and skin-types, this adaptogenic skincare can be used in a number of different ways, depending on your skin’s needs.

Lovegrove Essentials is owned by a rugby-loving family from Dorset. Male fans of their product include Don Armand (England/Exeter Chiefs), and composer of the notorious Tomahawk Chop Steve Knightley (Show of Hands). Don uses the Toning Mist after training, on his face and body, as it’s great on tired or aching muscles. It’s also a brilliant post-shave product too, taking down redness and irritation and tightening the pores.

The whole range uses organic ingredients where possible (essential oils, argan oil, floral waters), and it’s great for anyone who gets dry or irritated skin during the autumn and winter – outdoorsy, rugby watching types perhaps?! Be sure to check out their starter kits in the run up to Christmas, as they make the perfect gift.

Lovegrove Essentials are set to expand into Ireland very shortly after a wonderful exhibition at Pro Beauty Dublin in October 2018, where they will be introducing their range of hand-made skin care products for the professional masseuse and beauty therapist.

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