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Magnesium let’s sleeping giants lie


Broken sleep has consistently been a part of daily life for 28-year-old Huddersfield Giants veteran and Huddersfield native Michael Lawrence, and it seems to be a common problem among players with 26-year-old full back Jordan Rankin admitting he has also struggled with sleep his whole career.

Sleep is a priority within any athletes training schedule, a good night’s sleep allows the body to optimise tissue growth, release important hormones and restock energy stores.

Jordan, an Australian native, says: “I have found it hard to sleep the night before and after a game my whole career. I overthink things and it has always been a struggle to come down from the adrenaline of a game in time for bed.”

A good night’s sleep is important for consolidating memories, relieving stress and is a vital part of our learning process.

Poor sleep can have a significant impact on our health with anxiety, depression, low concentration and weight gain all being symptoms of sleep deprivation.

Super League player Michael describes his experiences with sleep struggles, saying: “When I don’t get a good night’s sleep, it doesn’t allow my body to fully repair itself and adapt from the previous days training.

“It means that I am not able to recover to the best of my ability which could ultimately impact my performance on the field.”

Both players have used a magnesium supplement before, namely BetterYou Magnesium Flakes, to help with recovery after a hard day of training, so when approached by BetterYou to try a new magnesium sleep lotion they took the opportunity in the hope of a better night’s sleep.

Barnsley-based natural health company BetterYou proudly support the Huddersfield Giants to provide the players with the key nutrients and minerals they need to improve performance and enhance recovery.

“About half an hour before bed I will apply the Magnesium Sleep Lotion to the bottom of my feet and legs because feet are one of the most absorbent areas of the body, then I’m ready to sleep” says Jordan as he describes his routine using the sleep aid.

Clinically proven to provide a better night’s sleep, BetterYou’s Magnesium Sleep Lotion is a fast-acting natural remedy.

Containing skin-kind active ingredients including magnesium chloride, lavender and chamomile, you can now get better sleep, naturally.

Talking about his sleep routine, Michael said: “I use the sleep lotion on my neck and chest before bed daily.

“The smell immediately relaxes me and prepares me for bed. I have noticed that the quality of my sleep has improved vastly and I’m waking up more refreshed on a morning.”

Ben Harper, Head of Physiotherapy at Huddersfield Giants expresses why sleep is important, saying: “Athletes generally do not get the optimal amount of sleep that they need.

“As a population the guidelines stipulate that we should aim for 8 hours of sleep per night. Michael and Jordan are not the only players I work with that don’t achieve this, when they should ideally be aiming for nine or ten hours.

“It is always at the forefront of my mind that I need to ensure players are recovering well after each game to get them back on the field every single week. Therefore, as a practitioner I am always looking for the optimal package to give my athletes and a big element of that is sleep.

“I’ve looked for products and systems to implement to achieve this and the Magnesium Sleep Lotion helps me to deliver.”

The new Magnesium Sleep Lotion was clinically tested on 78-healthy people who identified as ‘struggling to sleep’ and were profiled using the NHS Sleep Assessment Questionnaire. The results showed that:

92% found benefit from using the sleep lotion
70% felt their quality of sleep was better after using the lotion
Over half of the users felt their sleep had been less interrupted, they felt less tired and more refreshed when they woke up in the morning.
BetterYou magnesium sleep lotion is available from Holland and Barratt, Ocado, online at and from all good health stores.


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