Passion: The Art of Making Love and War by Kendal-Valentino Smith (Author)… on Amazon…

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Passion: The Art of Making Love and War
by Kendal-Valentino Smith (Author)

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The Art of Making Love and War by Kendal-Valentino ….. REVIEW:- “Passion is an evocative journey through the romantic, social and political life of the author. The reader experiences a roller-coaster effect of emotions, leaping from the mountains of ecstacy, melting in the fires of desire, frolicking in the fields of joy and laughter, drowning in rivers of misty-eyed heartaches and plunging into the valleys of anguish and death… the reader experiences life. Simply, “Passion is a walk through the mind of a Poetic Genius”Review by Amanda Knowles…

“A pleasant day to one and all. I am Kendal-Valentino Smith, and I would like to introduce you to my work, my book, recently released on Amazon, Passion: The Art of Making Love and War.. Passion: The Art of Making Love & War expresses love as the unbiddable, ungovernable, uncontrollable force that can overthrow empires, completely subduing the will of the individual. It posits the erotic love in terms of its beauty, sincerity and its purity. Yet it portrays this love according to its opposites as it is ancient and classical, yet bold and modern, the best kept secret yet bellowed from the mountaintop, passive and patient, yet heated, passionate and combustive in a single moment. Love is viewed as forceful and potent in terms of its consistency from one generation to the next in relation to God, humanity, romance, nature and society. Contrastingly, the book depicts in the Art of War, man’s inhumanity towards man in terms of race relations as well as political and socio-economic privileges. In this regard, the message speaks to and encapsulates what is needed today in America and other countries around the world in terms of equal rights, liberty and justice. The driving thrust of The Art of War is that the only thing that power respects is power and the only thing that force respects is force. In essence, Passion The Art of Making Love and War captures and encapsulates the pulse and the passion of a people.

As for the integrity of the work, to be a poet, one must have the ability to see beyond the superficial and despite the synthesis of rhythm, style and cadences, the poet must possess and master the craft of speaking to the hearts of men in a voice that touches the soul of his society, such is the same, whether in dance, painting, sculpture, music or any artistic creation. Passion: The Art of Making Love and War is simply a reflection of my life’s mantra and modus operandi, which is, “As one man can indeed make a difference,
my commitment to the next generation is that I will leave to them, a world, in a greater condition than the one that I was born into.”



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