Possibly the most luxurious and sensational Mother’s Day… Full Mellow… full-mellow.co.uk

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Possibly the most luxurious and sensational Mother’s Day… Full Mellow… full-mellow.co.uk

“We believe that Happiness is made of small things. We create vegan bath and body products with high-quality ingredients.
We know how important is self-love and care. All the products we create always contain three key ingredients nature, passion and love.”


Here at Full Mellow, we believe that each day holds something truly special, something worth remembering. Moreover, although we strive to view the world from a distance, we always deliver when it comes to our products, never compromising on their quality.

As a cosmetic company, we are deeply in touch with nature and creativity, truly believing that there is an art to be found in every action, in every moment. We believe that members of our team, from the cosmetic developer right down to the actual customer, are a creator that uses their outlook to develop something enticingly beautiful.
We emphasise ethics, and that is why all our products inculcate a mixture of only the very best raw materials, essential oils and synthetic components, paying special attention to their ingredients. Our love for nature does not end just there, but rather we ensure that our products are 100% vegan and animal cruelty-free. Additionally, our exclusive range of cosmetics and fragrances are all handcrafted and minimal in their use of preservatives. Our ideology is based on the concept of happiness and the belief that it triumphs over all else. At Full Mellow, we long for that candlelit bath, that cup of steaming cocoa, that walk in the crisp morning air and that smile to a kind stranger.
Everyone that works with us and everyone that we serve is part of the Full Mellow family, a wholesome collective of people looking out for each other and only wanting to give their very best. As we believe that happiness longs to be shared with those around you, we strive to implement only the very best technologies to help us attain perfection.
We do what we do to spread joy and art and to develop a world that is sustainable for the future of tomorrow.

So join us as we show you the harmonious and colourful attributes of nature through our beauteous products.

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