Promescent® boost their confidence this Valentine’s…

Promescent® boost their confidence this Valentine’s. Buy Now @ […]

Promescent® boost their confidence this Valentine’s.

Buy Now @

Promescent is a world-renowned male and female health & sexual wellness brand. They are the #1 best seller on Amazon, & can be found in Target retail stores and is recommended by over 2,200 medical professionals in the USA.

For men looking for a boost in confidence or couples who want a more satisfying experience. Look for Promescent® online or at Target retailers near you.

For years, there were so few options for helping delay the almighty orgasm and giving guys some longevity in bed. Many options didn’t work, or the trade-off and side effects were far too great.
Urologist Dr. Ronald Gilbert, MD, was frustrated that he didn’t have a solution for all the men in his practice who wanted to last longer when they made love. And yes, this did include many who suffered from premature ejaculation, but Dr. Gilbert’s vision went far beyond PE.
Dr. Gilbert set out to change the dynamic in a bedroom and close the orgasm gap between men and woman once and for all. He developed Promescent to help prevent premature ejaculation– and hundreds of thousands of couples have experienced its benefit.
Bringing Promescent – our patented lidocaine topical spray – into your sex life allows you and your partner to make love longer. The key is all in the experimenting. A great thing about Promescent is that it lets you and your partner play around with how many sprays you need to use, so you can find your perfect dosage.
Our lidocaine spray was made with careful consideration for the people who use it – our revolutionary TargetZone™ technology is unrivaled and adheres to all regulations (from the FDA) placed on health products, ensuring that your sex remains safe and healthy. The short waiting period after application makes a great opportunity for some foreplay. But ultimately, how Promescent becomes a part of your lovemaking routine is actually anything but routine.
We all know that intimacy plays such an important role in any relationship. Get ready to last longer, harmonize in the bedroom, and feel closer to your partner than ever before.

Follows FDA OTC Drug Guidelines. Used as directed. Avoid if allergic to lidocaine.