Simple recipes from Campo Viejo! Little Things That Make a Difference!


  1. ‘On the Clouds’ add a fluffy ball of pink cotton candy which will melt into the Cava and make for some dreamy bubbles.
  2. ‘Berry Nice Ice’ Adding frozen red fruit ice lollies will cool the temperature and add colour and flavour to your Cava. Pop the whole ice lolly inside the glass to give your guests a true taste of the last days of summer.
  3. ‘Thyme for a Change’ Add white plum slices and thyme leaves for an aromatic Cava with a sophisticated twist.
  4. ‘Rosemary Renegade’ Cava, pomegranate seed and refreshing rosemary is the perfect way to wow your guests visually.
  5. ‘Coming up Roses’ A girly version that can be created with crystallised edible rose petals and lemon, for a sharp and subtly sweet serve