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The Dominic Effect is an app that you can download […]

The Dominic Effect is an app that you can download directly on your phone or tablet.

The Dominic Effect app aims to make users feel their best both inside and out, with a focus on doing the internal work needed to meet your goals. The app includes customized workout and meal plans, grocery lists, hundreds of recipes, cooking tips, meditations, mindfulness coaching and even live streamed workouts all curated directly by celebrity trainer Dominic Anthony.







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The Alfred Hitchcock London Walk with Sandra Shevey.

Sandra interviewed the director in 1972 and began the homage tour in 1999. Tours highlight the director`s love of monuments and landmarks from 3 classic Hitchcock films: `Frenzy`, `The Man Who Knew Too Much` (1956)and `The Paradine Case`. Tours, virtual and live, include sound bites from the rare exclusive 3 hr 1972 interview. Tours run daily 11am for 3 hrs. Information at

Sandra, a celebrity interviwer, also offers `The Other Side of Lennon`London Walk based on the eponymous biography by Sandra `The Other Side of Lennon: John Lennon vs. Sandra Shevey`. Tours include sound bites from Sandra`s marathon 12 hr interview with Beatle John in NYC in 1972.

Check out sound bites at sandrasheveyinterviews YouTube

ivee, an at-home IV therapy app. We’re on a mission to make health services accessible. Our customers love the app and are generally invested in wellness, fitness, and anti-aging; ivee works for all three!

Here’s how it works:

Step one: Select one of our services, with several available

Step two: Schedule your appointment. With our ASAP option, a nurse will be to you within as little as an hour.

Step three: Enter your location, wherever you may be. Your nurse will contact you when they’re close

We believe the future of health is at home. Our platform empowers patients to order and receive health and wellness services from the comfort of their couch that helps them look and feel great.


As we approach the end of the year and with Christmas round the corner, we believe that it is less about the nice and shiny and more about VALUE! This is the reason why our Christmas focus theme is based on using the voice of our customers to demonstrate ‘Giving the Gift of VALUE’

“Natural & organic skincare | 100% Organic | Vegan Certified | Cruelty Free | Ancient African Recipes | Cruelty Free

By developing ancient remedies, we create all-natural skincare products for you and your family!”  


Give a gift that expectant parents will love with Gigil’s Luxe Changing Backpack
Available in six colourways, priced at £65 and available to buy at
Shopping for a new or expectant mum this Christmas? Why not opt for a gift that is stylish and practical with a Luxe Changing Backpack from sustainable baby brand Gigil?

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time, having to prepare for your new arrival and figuring out which items to put on your baby checklist. Whether it’s for your other half, a friend or family member – you can help ease gifting stress with this must-have item.

Gigil’s Luxe Changing Backpack – Grey – £65A picture containing accessory, sitting, bag, standing
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Any parent will tell you how essential a good quality changing bag is for a baby’s first year. Gigil’s Luxe Changing backpack is designed to make parents lives easier with features including a changing mat which can be used while you’re out and about, insulated pockets to keep bottles and baby food warm and a total of nine different compartments to house all the nappies, baby wipes and muslin cloths you might need to get out and about with a little one, in style.

Stylish, functional and made from sustainable and easy-to-clean vegan leather, Gigil’s Luxe Changing Backpack comes in six colourways including Grey, Tan, Pink and Duck Egg and is priced at £65.

The Black and Navy colour options offer a handy unisex option so both mum and dad can venture out, fully prepared for everything their new arrival might need.

Gigil produces organic and sustainable baby products for a child’s first year. The Gigil Luxe Changing Backpack is available to buy at, priced at £65.

Technogym Bench is now available in the UK.

The new all-in-one training solution has been created to combine maximum exercise variety with minimum footprint. A mix of integrated tools allow you to perform over 200 different exercises, perfect for at-home workouts. Available on, RRP £890.00

Lockdown success for one new business, how Reverse Life Marine Collagen beat Covid restrictions to make it big online – from three orders on day one now on target to make £1.5m in 2020.

Whilst the outlook for some after Covid is bleak and businesses struggle to find a foothold in our ‘new normal’ other products and businesses have managed to flourish despite the tricky conditions. Entrepreneur Mark Shepherd had an idea long before lockdown to bring an affordable new collagen supplement to market and after sourcing an ethical yet effective product he was happy with was all ready to go… But of course, the new restrictions mean he was unable to put any traditional retail plans in place, so he had a product to sell with no shelves open to stock it!

As a successful entrepreneur Mark knew that diversifying was the key and decided to concentrate on a social and digital presence only for both sales and marketing.

Reverse Life Marine Collagen launched on Saturday 23rd May while we were deep in lockdown and with a basic shopfront website for sales. Social pages had been set up on Instagram and Facebook and the team behind Reverse Life started posting relevant content and following accounts that may be interested in a new beauty product. They talked about the benefits of their collagen on hair, skin and nails and the hyaluronic acid and vitamins also included and thanks to some early eager testers there were some great testimonials to share!

Day One there were three orders from customers willing to take a chance, but by the end of the first week sales were just over £3,000 and nearly 20 bottles a day were flying out of the door. The Reverse Life team jumped on the momentum and sent bottles out to celebrities who loved posting on Instagram and soon the grid was full of influencers and TV stars talking about taking the delicious marine collagen drink every day, such Christine McGuinness, Peter Andre, Ester Dee, Tanya Bardsley, Carole Malone, Nicole Sealey and Amy Childs.

The relationship with Peter Andre was so good Reverse Life sponsored his new reality TV show – The Andres on The Sun YouTube channel – and the first episode alone secured 100 new orders upon airing. A new site was launched to make ordering even easier and by the end of June – only a month after launch – sales were up to £1,500 a day! By now the first customers were starting to post their fantastic results socially and in July sales really exploded, so much so stock ran out a few times and there was a backlog of orders. Because beauty treatments were cancelled over summer the company got an added boost from those seeking an alternative to their usual facials and injectables.

Reverse Life achieved £100,000 sales in only 59 days, £250,000 in August alone and if customers keep coming back for the product that they love then the team expects to get close to £1.5m by the end of 2020 and £2.5m in first year.

They now regularly achieve sales of £12,000 a day and made £500,000 last weekend alone – making this year a massive success for this brand-new product by using social and digital alone, and now wanting to share that success the company is looking to supply smaller businesses and parents working from home who can sell Reverse Life themselves and have created free ‘starter sell boxes’ for anyone wanting to be part of the collagen beauty boom!

Mark said: ‘Honestly we were worried launching something new during such uncertain times, but we believed in Reverse Life Marine Collagen and wanted to get it out there. They only way we could see to do this was to really push the benefits socially and sell digitally, and because no one could get into a beauty salon we were lucky that customers were willing to try a new way to smooth those wrinkles and give their nails and hair a boost. Our plan worked for us and the product works for our customers’.

REVERSE LIFE MARINE COLLAGEN includes a massive 10,000mg dose of collagen, hyaluronic acid and plenty of supporting vitamins in each 25ml daily dose. It helps with skin ageing, hair loss, gut health, energy levels and wound healing. See or follow on Instagram @ReverseLife_

Mark Shepherd started The Genius Group (TGG) 3-4 years ago, a company which handled PPI and claimed a £2billion redress for clients.

This also includes a leading technology and software business called GENIUS, that won the Analytics Innovation of the Year and Martech Platform of the Year Awards at the Digital City Awards 2020.
Diversifying into health and beauty Reverse Life was set up when businesses not doing well and has been able to flourish (see details below on their Marine Collagen) and using the same model Mark is now expanding into hair care with a new frizz-fighting kit GENi Hair launching this month and also immune supplements.
Mark is married with two sons and is a keen philanthropist and charity worker.

Ocushield Launches Medically Approved Anti-Bacterial And Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector For iPhone 12

To coincide with the unveiling of the much-anticipated iPhone 12, Ocushield is launching a new anti-blue light and anti-bacterial screen protector this Friday 16th October.

The only medical-grade blue-light filter brand on the market, Ocushield screen protectors keep a crystal clear image with no changes to the colour. And the anti-bacterial technology is strong enough to break down viral structures, preventing them from growing on the phone screen surface.

With average screen time up to 200% since lockdown, and a greatly increased need to keep our tech clean and hygienic, it’s more important than ever to protect our eyes and our health from our digital devices.


With warmer weather around the corner, catching up with friends over drinks or enjoying a braai with the family outside is integral to a truly South African summer. However, furnishing your outdoor living space can prove problematic with bulky tables and chairs, leaving the area feeling cluttered and overcrowded.

Locally manufactured, balconybar helps maximise the floor space on your balcony for the ultimate entertainment area. Including practical flat-pack furniture that is well-designed, and ready-to-assemble, balconybar offers designed brackets that will fit the need of any balcony railing – whether it be round, rectangular or glass.


The balconybar attaches to the top of your railing and is perfect for that classic bar look to your balcony. This style offers a social feel – a cool space for you to enjoy drinks.

Colours include oatmeal, crunchy and cocoa.

RRP: R 1,899.00


The balconydesk hangs from your railing and is perfect for an outside office. This style can double up as an outside dining area.

Colours include oatmeal, crunchy and cocoa.

RRP: R 1,899.00

balconybar’s products are moulded from carefully selected kiln-dried South African pine, and then treated to SABS specifications in Balconybar’s treatment plant to weather stormy days and harsh sunlight rays.

For more information on balconybar, and to equip your outdoor entertainment space ahead of summer, visit

How to Create Your Own Perfume Using Flowers

A simple spritz of perfume is the finishing touch to a woman’s morning routine that can boost their confidence and make them feel ready to face the day.

While we all have our signature shop-bought scents, natural and organic perfumes can also be created at home with ease using your favourite flowers and wildflowers.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and personalised gift for a loved one, or a gorgeous treat for yourself, then take a look at Serenata Flowers’ guide to creating your own perfume at home using real flowers:

You Will Need:

– Flower petals of your choice

– Pestle and Mortar

– Glass bowl

– Muslin cloth

– Rubbing Alcohol (optional)

– Spray bottle

– Decorations and embellishments of your choice

Pick your Petals
First things first, you need to decide which beautiful floral notes you want your fragrance to be infused with – if it’s your first time creating your own scent, a good starting point for any flower-based perfume is to opt for high street favourites such as roses, lavender, and honeysuckle.

While more traditionally used flowers will give the perfume a familiar fragrance, a home-made perfume can be much more personal than those bought in shops, so you may like to take some time to gather the favourite flowers of the individual you are creating this perfume for. For inspiration, head to Serenata Flowers and then have the stems delivered straight to your door the next day – this is the time to be creative with your floral combinations to make a truly unique scent.

Prepare and Grind
Once you have decided which flowers you want to capture the scent of, it’s time to start preparing your perfume’s ingredients.

Gather a selection of your chosen flowers and pick the petals and core from each stem, being careful not to catch any thorns or prickles. If wildflowers will be incorporated into your scent, then make sure to gently wash away any mud or dirt from the petals and be sure to check the rules on which wildflowers you can legally pick.

Next, use a pestle and mortar to grind the petals together, releasing their sweet fragrances while doing so.

Soak and Sweeten your Petals
After picking and prepping your petals, the next step of creating your perfume is to allow the flowers to soak so that you can capture their scents.

Take a small bowl and line the inside with a muslin cheesecloth, so the edges of the cloths hangs over the rim of the bowl. Pop your concoction of crushed petals into the bowl, on top of the cloth, and gently pour a 250ml water over the petals to ensure that they are all covered.

To ensure a potent fragrance, place a lid or cover on top of the bowl and let the petals rest and soak for at least 24 hours.

Simmer the Scent
Once the petals have had enough time to soak, using the edges of the cloth, lift the cloth and petals out of the bowl and squeeze any remaining liquid out of the cloth into the bowl below. Then place the petals in the cloth to one side – you’ll want to keep those for later!

Next it is time to heat the water inside the bowl and, for this step, you can choose which method suits you. Heat the water on the hob until it simmers or, if you’d prefer to use the microwave, then set the microwave for between 8-10 minutes on a low heat.

After allowing to simmer and rest, you will be left with a sweet fragranced water which is a perfect blend of your chosen floral notes. For a more long-lasting scent, you can even add in a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol to your fragranced water.

Perfect your Perfume
Now that your scent has been created, it is time to make those finishing touches to create a beautiful and elegant perfume bottle.

For a charmingly rustic appearance, take the left-over crushed flower petals from step 4 and pop a few into your liquid. Next, empty the contents of the pan or the microwavable bowl carefully into a high-quality spray bottle. While a range of spray bottles can be purchased online or in beauty-supply shops, opting for a glass bottle will add sophistication to your home-made creation.

Finally, decorate your perfume bottle. Whether you prefer to keep it simple with a touch of ribbon or want to create a more avantgarde appearance by gluing the left-over petals to the bottle, accessorise the bottle with its receiver in mind and take time to perfect your perfume.

Serenata Flowers is the UK’s largest independent online florist, producing quality bouquets lovingly hand-arranged by floral artists. The award-winning online florist offers free next day delivery on orders placed until 10pm, 7 days a week, so you can always make someone’s day with a gorgeous bouquet.

For more information on how to make your own perfume, visit

For more information and ideas on how to be creative with plants and flowers, visit

Pugalier of London

Luxury dog accessory brand called Pugalier of London.

At Pugalier of London we believe that dogs are treasured members of the family and deserve to be indulged. I believe that my products would complement your ethos well, as they are of the highest standard, made with high quality suede and leather and are designed and manufactured in the UK.

A perfect personalized gift for families!

Fun With A Message’s personalized Christmas Through The Years will be the perfect for your family. At 8.5 x 8.5″ is just the perfect size to write down the family’s Christmas Memoirs and Traditions and be a treasured keepsake forever. The journal covers 10 years with prompts to help you remember all the fun memories and record new traditions for the family.

Choose a hardcover or a coil bound and add a family name to make it personal.

Get it here:

– Fun With A Message as a mom-owned giving business that gives back a portion of sales to charities that help kids in need.

Bambooka is a progressive volunteer-run fashion brand a not-for-profit outfit, making desirable shades from sustainable materials, and donating all our profits directly to our partner charities. Buy a pair of Bambookas, and you’re helping ordinary people in rural South Africa escape poverty and build a better life, with charity PEPE. And what’s more, you’re helping Vision Aid Overseas provide simple but life-changing vision correction in Africa.

Our sunglasses may be right for the guide please view them here –

Blinks: World’s first smart tabletop game system – built with AI-powered intelligent game pieces that respond to your touch, communicate with each other, and think for themselves. Every piece knows its own game and can learn new games. Blinks are completely modular, so the more Blinks you have, the bigger games and experiences you can create. Core set of 6 games is $99. Deal: Combo set of 12 games is now $159..

With covid increasing the number of career professionals working from home, the ideal gift this Christmas are gifts to create the perfect home office.

Desk tidy mat

Rugby business card holder

Desk top rugby game (for a break from work)

Chris Delaney is a career advisor and published author

AshChromics – Christmas In October Gift Guide

AshChromics, a hot new sports sunglasses brand for men. With such a huge market for sports apparel and an eager fanbase of activewear enthusiasts, the gift of AshChromics FADES® sunglasses would be a perfect fit for your holiday gift guide.AshChromics FADES® sunglasses are unique because they use patented, electronic auto-darkening technology that responds instantaneously to environmental changes as you move through your day. Unlike Transitions® and other photochromic lenses, AshChromics FADES® sunglasses adjust to your environment in under 3 seconds and don’t require UV light to react, making them great for usage in the car or even indoors.AshChromics FADES® sunglasses have 3-5 day battery runtime, an invisible charging port, color retention while off, unique haze reduction, and advanced eye protection. Our research shows that FADES® sunglasses can run over 1.2 million transition cycles without observable loss of function, and lasts more than 30 hours on a single, quick charge. If that’s not enough, AshChromics FADES® sunglasses are also American made. For more information, check out:, Twitter & Instagram: @AshChromicsIf interested, please let me know where I can send a media sample of our product in exchange for inclusion or if you have any other questions about Ash Chromics

Cure your Quarantine Boredom with #FakeFacts. The Party Game That’s Total BS.

Rue Cler Games. Political season getting you fired up? Getting ready for eight rounds with your uncle at video-conference Thanksgiving? A new trivia game is testing how good its players are at spotting — or concocting — a lie.

See more and buy at :-

Husband-and-wife entrepreneurs Stephen and Charell Chiger announced today the launch of their game company, Rue Cler Games, and their first game, #FakeFacts. A fast-paced card game of historical and pop culture trivia, #FakeFacts tests its players’ knowledge and ability to fool others.

Rue Cler Games

“We hatched the idea for #FakeFacts after some spirited dinner parties (#politicalseason). When the pandemic brought far, far too much time at home, we wanted a game that was simple and could be played in-person or remotely,” said Stephen Chiger, Rue Cler Games co-founder.

A terrific holiday gift, #FakeFacts is the perfect present for people who love weird, hard-to-believe trivia, fast-paced social games, or just fooling their friends. Players can expect to learn (and fabricate!) bizarre, surprising, and totally unpredictable trivia — and the game’s structure makes it easy to play over video conferences.

Made here in the US, #FakeFacts is sold online through The Game Crafter and priced at an affordable, $14.99. The game is family-friendly, appropriate for ages 12+.

Both experienced journalists, the Chigers say they built the game to inspire both wonder and skepticism.

“In life it never hurts to trust — but don’t forget to verify.” – Charell Star Chiger, Co-Founder of Rue Cler Games.

More information can be found on the official website here. Follow Fake Facts on Instagram.

Based in the US, Rue Cler Games was founded in 2020 by husband-and-wife team Stephen and Charell Chiger and specializes in building fun interactive games for people who want to play together. They released their first game, #FakeFacts, on Game Crafter in late 2020 after three months of development. The Chigers share a love for entrepreneurship and between them have run consulting firms, led non-profit organizations, directed sleepaway camps, and provided on-air expertise on lifestyle and fashion (in addition, of course, to their full-time jobs). Rue Cler Games, named after their favorite Parisian street, is their first official team-up.

SevaStray… Unique Indian made accessories, home products and dog products with the goal of helping stray dogs in India.

The Basics
SevaStray launched recently to sell unique Indian made accessories, home products and dog products with the goal of helping stray dogs in India. Seva Stray works by combining giving and doing good into a business model that benefits local communities, empowers women, helps wildlife and helps stray animals.

SevaStray brings customers beautiful, unique, ethically sourced, vegan products made in India. They work with Indian NGOs and other organizations that are empowering rural women, keeping the traditional handicrafts alive, and reducing poaching by providing alternative livelihoods. They produce beautiful handicrafts for SevaStray, and 20% of every purchase goes to helping stray dogs in India.

Helping Animals
No country in the world has as many stray dogs as India. An estimated 35 million stray dogs live on the streets of India, and the problem is only getting worse. We fund truly amazing organizations in India that are working hard on the following initiatives to improve the quality of life for stray dogs.
• Vaccination against rabies, distemper, parvo and other preventable, life-threatening diseases.
• Spay/neuter programs to reduce overpopulation.
• Critical treatments for injured and sick animals..


This faux jute decorative throw pillow cover is made in India. It features a pink Rajasthani Mandala print pattern. Reverse side is a neutral cream color. Our bohemian couch pillow covers add color and style to your home decor. These eclectic patterns straight from India will give your home a touch of Indian flair.
Upgrade your living room quickly and easily with our colorful collection of throw pillow covers. Our decorative square covers come in several bohemian and global-inspired styles, designs and colors. Each cover fits a 16×16 pillow (not included) and has a premium hidden zipper on the reverse side for simple swap outs.