Increases core strength & exercising with Pelleres you will burn more calories in a shorter time! (10% discount here!)

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Increases core strength & exercising with Pelleres you will burn more calories in a shorter time!

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Pelleres are award winning fitness device designed to get to your fitness goals faster. Exercising with Pelleres you will burn more calories in a shorter time, example 21 mins vs 27 mins for 550 calorie burn.
Used by elite athletes the secret is now out!

Pelleres are ideal for functional training. As simple as putting them on and working out, so easy and effective.

Pelleres are an international award winning core strengthening device. Classified as a functional strength training device, Pelleres’ unique patented design “switches” on abdominal muscles in isolation.
What separates Pelleres from every other product on the market is:
  1. The weight range; scientifically calculated to a resistance level based on muscle activation.
  2. The position of the weight. The “opposite lever” for muscle activation.
  3. Anchoring mechanism. Fast movement patterns with minimal change in position.

Grand Final Technologies are innovators in the sports industry.

We design and manufacture core strengthening systems and devices that help people realise their TRUE ATHLETIC POTENTIAL.

Pelleres are the latest innovation in functional strength training devices.

They are scientifically developed to activate core muscles during exercise. The specific weight and position are key to the effectiveness of Pelleres.

Pelleres™ is the latest innovation in sports technology that was developed in Brisbane, Australia.

Pelleres™ is a functional strength training device that instantaneously improves your performance. Just by wearing Pelleres™ you can run faster, jump further, throw longer, kick balls harder, and hit things with more power! I know, totally unbelievable but true!

But that’s not all, you also will get fitter faster, improve your core strength, and be able to recover from injuries quicker. Back pain? No more with Pelleres™; your back muscles are strengthened, which greatly improves core stability and posture.

How come and why is this so? Good question. Firstly Pelleres™ is based on well accepted principals of resistance, overload, counter balance, and the fundamentals of biomechanics.

How it works. As soon as you put on Pelleres™ you are creating a slight imbalance in your body. And what happens is that all your fine core stabilizers muscles are called into action to restabilize this imbalance. Because the weight added is so light it’s not your major muscles groups that have to work harder but instead your fine core stabilizers are called into action. Now because your core is actively engaged (or harder), your body immediately becomes more efficient in its activity and your performance instantaneously improves. It is a well accepted fact that there is a direct correlation between core strength and overall performance.

When you wear Pelleres™ all your core and stabilizer muscles are specifically targeted. The light weight targets your fine core stabilizer muscles and because they are working harder they get stronger.

Pelleres™ is based on a breakthrough scientific observation that by positioning slight weight on your forearms your body immediately becomes more efficient. Basically Pelleres™ tricks your body into working better. It’s incredible that something so simple can make such a difference!

Yes Pelleres™ are fantastic for athletes and pro sports men & women BUT they are equally beneficial for anyone wanting to improve their health, lose weight, or just get into better shape.

Just by exercising in Pelleres™ you burn more calories without any extra effort. Amazing but true!

Pelleres™ are excellent for rehabilitation. Overcoming any injury? Pelleres™ are excellent for shoulder, back, abdominal, hernia, knee, groin, hamstring, calf, or ankle injuries. They help reprogram or establish “correct” movement patterns.

Go to our website for more information:

If you are a personal trainer, coach, physiotherapist, Doctor, or chiropractor ask us about incorporating Pelleres™ into your business.

It’s incredible that something so simple can make such a difference! Tell us what you think. Post a message or comment; we would love to hear your thoughts on Pelleres™.

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