HYDRATE WITH VITAMINS! Vit Stix www.vitstix.com

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HYDRATE WITH VITAMINS! www.vitstix.com


They are convenient and easy to use on the go / out and about
They contain no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours
They contain 50% of Vitamin D, and 25% of Vitamin B, C and Zinc
They encourage a healthy lifestyle and hydration
This vitamin drink is great for energy before any sports activities and helps with muscle maintenance and strength


With up to 70% of the brain and 60% of the body being made up of water, the average person needs to drink a minimum of 1.6l of water a day to keep it topped up whilst also consuming a variety of vitamins. One company from Bristol think they’ve come up with the answer to help people drink more water whilst getting Vitamins, all without added sugar, artificial colours or flavours. Vit Stix are single portions of Vitamins that tear and pour into water to make a refreshing Tropical Citrus flavoured drink. They have recently launched and are already seeing success following a modest pre-launch on Social Media that sold over 10,000 portions. Packed full of vitamins, these convenient liquid sachets mix instantly with water to create a vitamin drink at a fraction of the price of bottled alternatives. They fit perfectly into travel, work or gym bags, and unlike effervescent tablets, Vit Stix mix instantly with water to save time and being a convenient alternative. Each stick includes:

25% RI Vitamin B for Natural energy 25% RI Vitamin C for Immunity 50% RI Vitamin D to maintain bones and teeth 25% RI Zinc for Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails. Founder, Tom Anderson-Dixon is a Bristol based entrepreneur and said “after successfully launching Squash Stix, I found juggling the running of a company, a social life, and eating and staying healthy really tough. I was fully aware I wasn’t getting the right vitamins. My business partner Julia had the same frustrations for herself and her children and therefore we decided to build on our first product with a vitamin drink. So far it’s been a huge success” Vit Stix have just signed an exciting deal with www.musclefood.com and are now progressing in talks with other major sport, health and grocery retailers to offer this product in stores. Visit www.vitstix.com

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