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Hey Santa! Let Santa Know Where You Sleep!


Hey Santa and the magic rainbow wave technology

In the top secret Hey Santa work shop hidden away somewhere in Swansea, Wales, the Hey Santa Christmas elves have been elf’ing away making sure every child will be found by Santa this year. Santa usually does a pretty job on the big night but last time we spoke he mentioned that he could do with a little help from his friends. So here at Hey Santa we set our smartest and brightest elves the challenge, make Santa’s job easier. You know what? We think we cracked it.
Introducing our ‘Magic Rainbow Wave Starlight Tracking Technology!’
Its a simple idea and works beautifully, let me explain. When hung on a child’s bedroom door each Hey Santa plaque sends out its own unique safe and invisible rainbow wave. As we know from science reindeers noses naturally picks up rainbow waves and this makes Rudolf’s big red nose perfect for picking up on these signals to guide Santa. Our workshop elves also ensure that when they magic on your individual name to your Hey Santa plaque they also attach a rainbow wave unique to you *
So enjoy a good night sleep my friends and rest easy safe in the knowledge that Santa will know where to find you.
Andrew x
C.E.O (Chief Elf Officer) at
*please note this is totally made up and doesn’t exist… sorry, I know I wish it did too

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