Peli Products Becomes the Exclusive Source for TrekPak™ Dividers

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Peli Products Becomes the Exclusive Source for TrekPak™ Dividers


Barcelona. May 2018 – Peli Products, the global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance protective cases, has assumed exclusive control of the TrekPak™ brand, along with all production, sales and marketing for this innovative divider system. The TrekPak system provides the ultimate organization and protection as an interior solution for a wide variety of applications for your Peli cases. The new agreement allows Peli to keep extending the TrekPak dividers across a broader range of Peli’s cases, including the Peli™ Air, Protector Case™ and Storm Case™ lines.

In 2016, Peli began distributing TrekPak dividers as a new configuration in 6 of their most popular sizes. Today, Peli offers TrekPak dividers in 22 case sizes, with plans to extend the divider system to most case models. Additionally, customers are able to purchase the TrekPak divider system as an accessory, as well as a case configuration, directly and exclusively from Peli and its official distributors.

Peli’s current offering of TrekPak dividers for 22 Peli case models, including Peli Air, Protector Case and Storm Case lines, are available at

TrekPak first introduced the divider system in 2012 as an aftermarket case accessory, recognizing the need for a modular solution that organizes and protects equipment inside Peli cases. Users across multiple industries soon adopted the design as the premium alternative to foam or padded dividers in their cases. “Peli continues to set the standard for protection and transportation across a variety of industries,” said Georgia Hoyer, Founder of TrekPak.

“Peli looks forward to bringing new innovative TrekPak solutions for various applications to market soon and continuing to enhance our customer experience when it comes to protecting all that you value” stated Piero Marigo, Managing Director of Peli Products.


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