Rebel Chocolate is so gorgeous but also, the scientists who run the company have made it healthier delicious chocolate! I never thought that was possible, but it is! Its so rebellious!

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 Rebel Chocolate is so gorgeous but also, the scientists who run the company have made it healthier delicious chocolate! I never thought that was possible, but it is!


Rebel Chocolate are a small chocolate company based in Glasgow. Run by two scientists, they are on a mission to bring healthier chocolate to the people of Britain and beyond.

Did you know that most milk chocolate contains a frightening 50 – 60% sugar and excess sugar consumption is a major contributor to the world obesity epidemic? At Rebel Chocolate we are rebelling against the chocolate norm and believe chocolate does not have to be filled with cheap and unhealthy ingredients. Their milk chocolate contains 1) half the sugar compared to market leaders; 2) 25% protein for nutritional enrichment; 3) 57% cocoa, twice as much as market leaders; and 4) no lactose, making it available to millions of lactose-intolerant people. We use some of the best cocoa in the world so our chocolate tastes amazing but is more nutritionally balanced, making it a far healthier treat.

At the moment they have 4 delicious varieties:

“Belgian – Classic milk chocolate made using cocoa sourced from one of Belgian’s leading chocolate producers.

Single Origin Colombian – To make this wonderful chocolate we use “Fino de Aroma” cocoa from the Huila region of Colombia. “Fino de Aroma” is an International Cocoa Organisation classification which only the best 8% of the world’s cocoa falls under. Our Colombian chocolate is rich, dark and full of flavour.

Single Estate Madagascan – To make our Madagascan milk chocolate we use cocoa from the naturally organic Sambirano valley in Madagascar. The chocolate is light in colour and has a delicious tropical/fruity flavour.

White – Our white chocolate is made with lots of cocoa butter and nearly 50% less sugar than supermarket rivals. It is buttery, creamy and delicious. It is also our highest protein content chocolate with 28% protein.”

Rebel Chocolate – A Brief History

April 2018


We moved from home kitchen into a small workshop in February 2017. We have now successfully tested the market, with quarter on quarter increases in sales. Our sales model is 1) direct through our website and attending events; and 2) trade via retail stockists. Our chocolate is now stocked in 27 retail stores across Scotland, Wales and England; a figure growing each month.


Our vision is to make a significant impact on the fight against obesity by providing healthier chocolate. We are currently exploring funding opportunities and our 12 month goal is to establish a factory allowing increased production from 25kg to 200kg per week. This will allow us to increase sales within the UK and pursue export routes. Within 2 years we plan to sell throughout Europe and North America, and within 5 years worldwide. Importantly, our milk chocolate is lactose free, making it particularly attractive to Asian countries, where lactose-intolerance rates are 80 – 100%. Finally, innovation is at our core and we already have a number of novel “healthier” chocolate products ready for commercial production.

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