Stacking- Your Skeletal Blueprint for Posture, by Debbie Compton (Author) &‎ Norman Compton (Author)

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Stacking- Your Skeletal Blueprint for Posture,

by Debbie Compton (Author) &‎ Norman Compton (Author)

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Stacking Your Skeletal Blueprint for Posture is the contribution of medical exercise specialists Debbie and Norman Compton’s combined 80 years in the Health and Fitness World. Using science and common sense as their foundation, Debbie and Norm put together the most comprehensive way of getting your posture back, and keeping it, as we age. Using a construction theme, the Comptons take all 206 of your bones and teach you how to build your frame. Starting from your feet and moving up, naming the important ligaments, tendons, and muscles along the way, Debbie and Norm describe which parts of your body serve as the workhorses and the glue that keeps you together. They also explain what can go wrong if your bones aren’t aligned just so. Deb has been working with people with special needs for over 25 years, helping those with issues like spina bifida, Parkinson’s disease, knee, hip, and shoulder replacements, fused disks, and more. Norm was a Hollywood stuntman for 27 years; Deb calls him her science project. Deb has had her own personal challenges as well, like living with scoliosis. These are the main reasons Norm and Debbie created Stacking; now they want to share their success stories with you. Using tools like the “wall” and the “triangle” is invaluable and free! Not many people understand how the human frame works better than these two. They believe everyone should be thinking from the “bones out” and not from the mirror in.

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