The ‘back to uni’ bedroom must buys: @ ARGOS!

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The ‘back to uni’ bedroom must buys


September is an exciting month, with the first semester of the new university year looming. Second and third year students will be returning, and for first years it will be a big change, starting fresh in a new environment.

No matter what year your child is heading into, make sure to send them off with all the right necessities, especially the bedding.

The Big Hugs range from Slumberdown is exactly what they need for a cosy night’s sleep. The new and improved range includes a hollowfibre filling that is soft and comfortable, and gently wraps around the contours of the body so it stays with you as you move in the night.

What better way than to send them off with a big hug?

The Big Hugs range is available at Argos and prices start from £8.

Slumberdown Big Hugs Pair of Pillows

RRP: £11


Slumberdown Big Hugs pair of pillow protectors

RRP £8


Slumberdown Big Hugs 10.5 tog duvet

Single: RRP £15

Double: RRP £19

King: RRP £23


Slumberdown Big Hugs Mattress Protector

Single: RRP £13

Double: RRP £17

King: RRP £18


About Slumberdown

At Slumberdown, we think that a good night sleep is something that every family deserves. That’s why all our bedding delivers the perfect mix of quality fabrics, cuddly soft fillings and unique features to meet the needs of all the family.

We know it can be a nightmare finding the right duvet and pillows for you. Which is why we have created a whole range of special duvets, pillows, toppers & protectors to make sure the whole family can sleep happy.



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