BLOG: Finding Love while in rural / semi wilderness locations >>>>

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BLOG: Finding Love while in rural / semi wilderness locations >>>>

Living in a rural location and even what could be considered actual wildernesses, often whilst collecting pales of water from the spring well beside the vegetable patch and walking back to the homestead through the daisys and strawberries and bluberry bushes. I go past the beehives and seeing the little bees whizzing around collecting nectar I imagine the little bees dancing inside the hives to show the other bees the directions to the best nectar flowers blooming right now for miles around!

They whizz off like rockets to get the nectar…

It is at times like this when I am collecting rhubarb stalks or twisting a cabbage out for tea that I look forward to meeting my lover and walking together through the meadows and hearing the beautiful forrest birds and the heat of the sun all around the whizzing flying insects buzzing…..

This is why geting the internet installed was so good because living in complete isolation with miles of open space all around had a draw back >>>> How could I meet people, meet dates and fall in love!

I mean its completely impossible sometimes to meet a single new person! Everyone knows everyone and has known everyone for ever in the wilderness and there is a lot less people…. consider Bedfordshire Dating it can be you know isolated!

The interent connects us to the entire world and we can access dating websites to find the perfect person to spend time with and to fall in love with. This can even be done with virtual video dating because you can see the other person in real time and talk! Its so amazing!

Bedfordshire (have you tried searching for a Bedfordshire Dating Site ) is one such place and with so much to do in the rural idyll and with so many country pursuits there is an endless list of activites that can be done together. So it is worthwhile to spend the time to thoroughly research your dating options and find the perfect person to then embark on a simple tradityional lifestyle together in the countryside. Doing chores together and working on the homestead to produce food together and cooking the old recipes and mixing in new modern recipes too is all about spending time together and dating and then you know settling down togetrher!

Just imagine how dating websites are chokkers with people who have these passions and interests and whish to find life partners to live together with in the bedfordshire countryside!

Ideas for your fist virtual date together could include swapping seed starting schedules and even drawing up a vegetable garden plan. Getting to know the property size and putting together lists of sowing dates and also the care that needs to be giving to each plant including the brassicas!


With time of the essence we suggerst you get staert3ed with online dating as soon as possible and get dating, writing text messages, organising to chat and yes even video vistual dating get togethers to get to know each othetr better!

Its the only way to meet new opeople and remebering always to do so in a safe and responsible way and even for the video dating to actually just take a little time and thinka bout waht you are going to be wearing!

Best wishes and have a lovely time!

The Rugby Rep States / USa dating correspondent!

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