You’ve spent months even years to find the right person! Now with internet dating you found them in 2 months !

Its so exciting! Meeting new people and falling head over heels in love… but with the right person! How do you know that. Is it the right person, of course […]

Its so exciting! Meeting new people and falling head over heels in love… but with the right person! How do you know that. Is it the right person, of course this is sometimes difficult to answer. Sometimes the best thing can be to take time over the really big decisions but whjat is to stop you from being madly deeply in love and enjoying getting to know each other and exploring life together…

I often think of arriving here from another planet… hurtling out of the sky and falling in my capsule into a pond in Hertfordshire. Emerging from the weed filled pond and dragging myself onto dry land with my worn spacesuit and broken space helmet and wholes in my wrist supports you know due to a very shaky entry into earths atmosphere.

What would I find in Hertfordshire… has this earth human species developed online dating yet! Do they really have candy floss like the books I read about earth and fairgrounds…

Could I meet an earth human and fall in love….

Internet dating using a Hertfordshire Dating Site and doing Hertfordshire Dating makes it possible for even an alien from outer space to find a date in Hertrfordshire after crash landing on the planet in a rural pond!

Obviously it would be an interesting conversation starter and even potential first meet up at the crashed spaceship. However depending on the condition of the craft it may not be wise to try to go close the spaceship if it is literally in a pond… especially on a cold spring evening! Your date could catch a cold!

Ok! So you have landed, and maybe salvaging a modem and interent dongle from your spacecraft and using your smart device you could within a short time have signed up for multiple dating sites serving hertfordshire even for mature dating! Within twenty or thirty minutes you could have completed you profile searched potentials and sent out you know polite intros! So even within an hour you could be getting replies and starting conversations!

With smart technology you could be doing your first video date within a couple of hours!

You could do this from the landing site or even find a nice cafe or even just go for a walk in the woods where you could discuss local tree species and local creatures and even discuss making a bushcraft survival shelter and even fire starting for heat at night and boiling water and cooking food!

So you know the opportuinites are endless but crucially with that interent connection and smart device suddenly the opportunites to meet people are sort of endless too! 

Take time however no matter how excited you are to get started to think about your personal profile, get a nice pic or two of yourself showing you in different scenarios and also how you really are. Be friendly and also inviting but also take time to think of security and observe the cultural norms. So just taking some time to familirise yourself with the rules of the sites your using!

Read reviews and get that situational awareness as you know you could end up on a site that just is not for you! Who can you really blame but yourself if you did not do the research! Due diligence if you will!

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by!

Very, very best wishes

The Rugby Rep USA Dating Editor!