Dating for over age 40 / 50 +, now that we have solved the riddle of aging people are remaining romantically active much, much longer!

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Dating for over age 40 / 50 +, now that we have solved the riddle of aging people are remaining romantically active much, much longer!

So many men in the 50s, 60s and 70s are having what can only be described as an awakening to the  incredible body of science and data that proves men and women of all ages can remain vital, full of energy, strength, mental alertness and with that continue to get involved in romance and use online dating to meet new people!

For guys using natural methods to boost testosterone allows them to keep their six pack, and do incredibly powerful bench presses, crunches and get outdoors hiking and climbing, this is becoming the new norm as modern knowledge and science has revealed the fundamental impediments that are so often associated with the aging process but really in reality may be nothing more than bad habits and mistakes particularly nutritionally that we may have made in our youth, such as eating processed foods, forgetting the importance of intermittent fasting and ignoring our bodies messages regarding our testosterone levels!

for women exactly the same is true and with hormone supplementation through natural foods rich and effective in boosting male and female hormones back to youthful levels has an incredibly re-juventating impact!

People in the 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond are dating like crazy, like never before in such numbers and this has meant that websites catering of for single and mature dating have sprung up because the numbers of people looking for this has grown and grown and grown, with women having children into their 40s and men perhaps reassessing life after making vast fortunes and then finding at 40 or 50 years of age that they want to get out their and find romance with a new vigour from changing their lifestyle or even emerging well from divorce or separation finding themselves newly single and free to pursue new goals! Once of these new goals is very often dating, meeting new people, socialising, going on holidays, enjoying fashion and beauty and commerce, and what better way to do that than to enjoy these aspects of life with other like minded people, for mature youthful and energetic women in the 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond many sites are actively advertising for new members with phrases such as my cougar dates which of course is a fun phrase that has become popular in describing these virile and very social ladies who are romancing and really living life to the full, who have simply found that a modern approach to nutrition and fitness has maintained their youthful and fun filled vitality into their 50s and 60s.

So much of this is driven by the fitness industry and how the knowledge and data required has filtered out through fitness and lifestyle media promoting the amazing range of ideas, knowledge and information, as well as products and services which provide incredible benefits to health and wellness and dramatically slow or reverse the aging process, and many skin rejuvenation formulas have been learnt for example from a 100 years or so of research into removing and healing scars, or physical rehab of joints and tendons in injured athletes specifically leading to discovering the benefits of ingesting collagen and gelatin to current wonder substances which fuel growth and even heal damaged tendons or cartilage something that was though completely impossible not that long ago!

So staying vital and getting out heir dating opens so many doors for people to enjoy life and as so many people now realize, getting online and joining dating sites is such a great way to really effortlessly meet new people and find romance and fun in safe way and while on the move by mobile device or from the comfort of your own home, there are so many positive stories of people finding romance online and at all ages so there is absolutely nothing stopping you from trying it out and really approaching it from the perspective of really, what is there to loose, and why be stuck at home and lonely when simply a few clicks away there is access to so many like minded people who are meeting and socialising via online dating for mature adults in completely modern and normal ways, organising meet-us, group events and even going on dates, meeting at the gym, or exploring nature together!

As always, stay safe, use a little caution, be careful in the build up to that first meet, search online for simple precautions!

There is absolutely nothing stopping you! Have fun and be responsible at all times!

So have fun!

Very best wishes!

InTouch Rugby Dating For Over 40s Editor!

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