Mummy Monster Came to Visit by Aly Walsh!

Mummy Monster Came to Visit Written by Aly Walsh Amanda […]

Mummy Monster Came to Visit
Written by Aly Walsh
Amanda Borchers


Brush your teeth. Do your hair. Find your shoes. Finish your breakfast and get dressed for school. Easy right?

Sometimes Mummy has to repeat herself because young Lillian gets distracted so easily. There are toys to play with, cartwheels to do and books to colour.

What was it that Mummy wanted her to do again?

Sometimes Mummies lose patience with having to repeat themselves over and over again. That is when the dreaded Mummy Monster comes out. Lillian doesn’t understand why this happens, but when it does, Mummy turns into a different person. A Mummy Monster.

It is then Lillian has to remind herself, that only by changing her ways, Mummy Monster will then go away.

The latest title in a wonderful range of kids’ books from award-winning author Aly Walsh. Inspired by her daughter, this book is a way to explain the reasons the Mummy Monster sometimes comes to visit. Children are inquisitive and get distracted easily. Mummies don’t like turning into Mummy Monsters. However, this story teaches children, parents and caregivers how to keep the Mummy Monster at bay!
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