Rugby, Moms, the outdoors, and avoiding underarm sweat circles with…whiskey? Yep. Pit Liquor… a deodorant made with whiskey!

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Rugby, Moms, the outdoors, and avoiding underarm sweat circles with…whiskey? Yep.

If you are or know a sporty mom who plays rugby or watch family members who play rugby, then Pit Liquor is the right item for them. For many reasons.

Who wants to be a sweaty mom playing or watching rugby? Raising an arm for a cheer only to reveal sweat circles on their nice shirt?

This product is so hot that a co-founder in Indonesia, whose company is valued at more than $10 Billion, is the lead investor.

Pit Liquor is the perfect, unique – and yes, outside the box – gift for your Mother’s Day gifting. Yep, it’s deodorant made with Whiskey and Lavender Scents (plus others), and women love it – and it works!

• Check out the :30 second clip below to see the product and reviews.. and you can view the clip here >

• You won’t smell like alcohol – don’t worry there.

(shipping available for US customers only)

Made of glass and not plastic, Pit Liquor products are eco-friendly and beautiful.
There are several sizes suitable for travel, too – under 2 oz.

• Purchase this gift in a roll-on bottle with this link

• Purchase this gift as a spray-on with this link

Whiskey in Deodorant? Yep!

• Organic Whiskey form our first line of defense – they are the base of our deodorants. We use overproof vodka and whiskey because they’re super effective at killing unwanted microbes. The deodorant works on contact by obliterating the bacteria that are causing you to smell. Have you ever met a grandma-type who cleans with vodka? They’re out there, and they’re on to something.

• There are no inactive ingredients. Their products don’t contain any inactive ingredients. Why put something in there if it’s not part of the solution? So, they are careful to craft deodorant only using ingredients that pull their weight.
• And Coconut! It’s like being on the beach. Even the things they use to scent the deodorant does double duty as antimicrobial stink-fighters.

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