Success through simplicity “Good nutrition is simple, but for some reason we keep insisting on making it complicated. The Primal Pantry fight against this.” >>

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Success through simplicity
“Good nutrition is simple, but for some reason we keep insisting on making it complicated. The Primal Pantry fight against this.” >>


As we all become more switched on to the dangers of consuming too much processed food, The Primal Pantry hope the simplicity and effectiveness of their latest range of high protein energy bars will appeal to those who strive to drive their bodies to their limits and need an optimal level of nutrition to perform at their peak.
The new 100% plant-based protein bar range from The Primal Pantry includes four scrumptious flavours which all contain 15g of high quality plant protein, but where they stand out from the crowd is in the number of ingredients on the back of their packs, the maximum being 8. Compare this to other protein bars and balls on the market and the difference is clear, with many containing over 25 ingredients.
It’s not just the number of ingredients in the bars that make them so special, but what these ingredients actually are. ‘Dates, coconut nectar, hemp protein, almonds, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, almond oil’ is the complete ingredients list for The Primal Pantry’s Cocoa Brownie bar for example, and the only processing that happens is that these ingredients are cold pressed together. Compare this to the odd sounding ingredients seen elsewhere, ranging from ‘stabilisers’ and ‘emulsifiers’ to ‘hydrolysed collagen’ and ‘cholecalciferol’ and you begin to appreciate that with The Primal Pantry range you can be assured that what you’re putting into your body is healthy and natural food to provide energy for performance and protein to help your body recover – so you can get on with the exercise you enjoy most without worrying about how you’re fuelling and repairing it.

“We’ve reached a stage where we’ve over complicated sports nutrition and added in ingredients and formulations which are not only unnecessary, but could be detrimental. We wanted to take things back to basics and create a bar with just the essential ingredients needed for optimal performance and recovery.” – Suzie Walker, nutritionist and The Primal Pantry founder
By only using plant based ingredients, including high quality hemp protein rather than whey, the bars are suitable for vegans and meat eaters alike and a great tasting softer textured bar is produced which, with fans already including the likes of world renowned climber Tom Randall and Olympic rower Zac Purchase, showcase the benefits of keeping performance nutrition simple.
For further details visit or pop into your local Tesco Express, Co-op or WH Smith.

The latest addition: The Primal Pantry protein bar range includes three original varieties, Mixed Berry, Cocoa Orange and Cocoa Brownie, have now been joined by Double Espresso, which has specifically been designed for those involved in endurance sports. Traditionally people have taken protein bars after exercise, but it’s been found1 that consuming a carbohydrate/protein mix during endurance running helps reduce muscle pain and lessens the sense of exertion. The Double Espresso bars not only provide the perfect carb/protein mix, but also 146mg of natural caffeine, to give you that extra kick when you need it most.

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