The Skinny Caffe Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets Benefits: SO MANY BEAUTY & HEALTH BENEFITS! Weight loss, teeth whitening, PH balance……

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The Skinny Caffe Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets Benefits:


Aids weight loss
Helps to reduce blood pressure
Stabilises blood sugar
Lower cholesterol
Improves skin health
Relieves symptoms of acid reflux
Free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
Vegetarian and vegan friendly

Apple cider vinegar has fast become the must-have supplement for 2018 boasting of several health properties, it is so popular infact that when The Skinny Caffe’s tablets got 10,000 units snapped up by consumers in just three days!

Other Benefits can include:

• Boosts Gut Health. • Soothes Sunburns. • Regulates Blood Sugar. • Fights Fungus. • Improve Skin Complexion. • Enhances Circulation. • Treats Warts. • Heals Poison Ivy. • Kills Bugs and Fleas. • Combats allergies. • Acts as a natural deodorant. • Helps hair shine. • Boosts Weight Loss. • Balances your pH. • Whitens Teeth. • Relieves Cold Symptoms. • Aid in detoxification.

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