Feature Part 10! Looking Back On what Was a Lovely Spring & Summer and giving thanks for that and the amazing companies and services who contribute so much to human progress and happiness!

White Glo the Professional Choice Toothpaste to get that smile shining for spring! White Glo is an Australian brand of quality teeth whitening products. www.whiteglo.com FACEBOOK | TWITTER White Glo […]

White Glo the Professional Choice Toothpaste to get that smile shining for spring!

White Glo is an Australian brand of quality teeth whitening products.



White Glo is an Australian brand of teeth whitening products. Created in the early 1990’s, White Glo was the first brand to introduce teeth whitening products to the mainstream retailers. White Glo quickly had a strong following of customers in Australia and became the leading teeth whitening brand in Australia. Today, White Glo is available from all major supermarkets and pharmacies in Australia as well as being exported to UK, South Africa, Greece, Russia, Ireland, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia. Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Phillipines, Cambodia, Latvia and many more.

 Rated #1 most effective whitening toothpaste by a leading consumer trial.

Leading range of Teeth Whitening Products including Whitening Toothpastes, Teeth Bleaching Kits, Whitening Mouthwashes and Whitening Toothbrushes.


Surprise the Bride and Groom with a selection of luxury homeware gifts and accessories from Zangheim.

Alain Saint Joanis Escrime Rosewood Cutlery Set Upper part forged stainless steel, silver plated Handle in Rosewood, Ebony, Olive Wood £384.00 Alain Saint Joanis
Escrime Rosewood Cutlery Set

Upper part forged stainless steel, silver plated

Handle in Rosewood, Ebony, Olive Wood


Bugs Painted Single Old Fashioned

Set of 6


100% Lead-free Crystal

Mouth-blown and hand painted

£360.00 Artel Bugs Painted Single Old Fashioned Set of 6 175ml
100% Lead-free Crystal, mouth-blown and hand painted £360.00

Artel Graphic Collection Tumbler Set 325ml 100% Lead-free Crystal, mouth-blown and hand painted £581.00 Artel
Graphic Collection Tumbler Set


100% Lead-free Crystal

Mouth-blown and hand painted


Ice Bucket – Due Ice

Stainless Steel

£77.64 Mepra Ice Bucket – Due Ice Stainless Steel £77.64

Versace Silver Picture Frame 15cm x 20cm £218.00 Versace
Silver Picture Frame

15cm x 20cm


Villeroy & Boch
Pieces of Jewellery Vase

Crystal Glass

£249.00 Villeroy & Boch Pieces of Jewellery Vase Crystal Glass £249.00

Villeroy & Boch Vinobile Medoc Connaisseur Decanter Crystal Glass £99.00 Villeroy & Boch
Vinobile Medoc

Connaisseur Decanter

Crystal Glass


About Zangheim:
Zangheim represents a new generation of online luxury shopping within the dining and living room sector. Zangheim believes the living and dining room serve as the basis to effecting a magical atmosphere within the home. For the founders of Zangheim, having grown up together in a warm environment, dinner was an integral part of every day and a time for the family to come together to enjoy each others company. Zangheim’s philosophy and commitment to providing only the finest home accessories will enable our customers to create their own unique environment and experiences. Zangheim we are committed to helping their customers showcase their cuisine, achieving a lasting impression for both family and guests.

The Great Outdoors: Getting Fit in Spring

With Jill Healy-Quintard

It is Spring and now is the time to think about dusting off the winter hibernation and really get into that exercise program that you have been promising yourself or up the number of classes you are already doing.
In spring with the onset of warmer weather we suddenly get the urge to get out to the great outdoors. We can shed the winter clothing and there is more daylight. We can go to work, do our exercise program and enjoy home time while still in daylight, whereas in Winter there is the feeling of being home and warm before dark, which generally puts any exercise program on hold. Even the idlest among us find it hard to resist the smell of spring and the warmer air and sunshine, so now is the time.
Beginning the exercise program is the most difficult part, but the good news is that research has shown once you start a program you are quickly addicted to the wonderful feeling exercise produces. In as little as 10 days you can be on your way to enjoying the benefits of exercise.
Evidence shows that regular exercise;
• Helps increase levels of HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol.
• Can lower high blood pressure.
• Helps promote bone density
• Will boost the immune system
• Helps improve body composition by burning fat.
• Helps to promote healthy blood sugar levels
• Can even help to improve mood swings and can aid in reducing depression.
Exercising outdoors offers benefit to the body and the mind. Your senses will be drawn to your surroundings and for most people who are indoors all day this is refreshing. The crowds and noise of a gym can be avoided, you can experience the sounds, the air, the smells, textures and sights wherever you choose to take yourself.
It is important to start gently if you have been inactive over Winter. E.g. A moderate intensity walk of 30 minutes minimum 3 days a week is a good start and enough to bring about real benefits of promoting health. It is also enjoyable without being too difficult. As your stamina increases you can then increase your intensity for more health and fitness benefits.
When exercising out doors people need to be mindful of the weather, appropriate clothing, safety and hydration. It is important to tell someone if you are running or walking alone. Carry some personal information with you and know the route you are taking. Apply sunscreen, wear sunglasses and carry a bottle of water. Wear clothing that breathes and allows you to move freely. If you have allergies be mindful of exercising in fields where there are grasses and weeds or exercising in heavy traffic areas or areas where there are chemicals. Asthmatics tend to exercise better by doing stop/start programs rather than continuous running. E.g Swimming is an excellent exercise for an asthmatic.
In my research I have looked for something different and have found that people do just about anything they do indoors for exercise outdoors as well. They walk, run, jump, skip, Nordic Pole Walk, Pole Dance, cardio dance, Weights, Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi and more.
I then looked at alternatives for tackling your outdoor exercise program and thought maybe “By Your Star Sign”. This could be looked at anyway you wish. Most important is to find what suits you and move on outdoors do it and enjoy. Read on;
Aries; (Fire Sign). Drink lots of Water. Anything outdoors is excellent for you.

Taurus; (Earth Sign). Vigorous gardening for the earthy bull.

Gemini; (Air sign) Beachside YogaPilates Fusion and deep breathing for you.

Cancer; (Water sign) Swimming for you.

Leo; (Fire sign) Cardio Dance, Groove Fusion, running and burning the Leo energy.

Virgo; (Earth sign) Long walks to help calm the active mind.

Libra; (Air sign) Drink lots of water and exercise in the evenings.

Scorpio; (Water sign) Obstacle courses and Marathon Runs suit you.

Sagittarius; (Fire) Running, walking, horseback riding, tennis and archery.

Capricorn; (Earth) A natural climber. Rock climbing, dancing, walking and swimming.

Aquarius; (Air) Something unusual for you such as scuba diving, parachuting, gliding
and surfing.

Pisces; (Water) Drink lots of water. Swimming, Pilates and Tai Chi suit you.

Tips for Outdoor Exercise

(1) Set yourself some short and long term goals. Success will keep you on track and motivated.(2) Keep a Diary. Note how far you ran, walked and swam. How high was your pulse? How did you feel?
(3) Visualise. Picture yourself walking, running etc and how you look and feel. These images and feelings will help to motivate you to achieving them for real.
(4) Enjoy your chosen outdoor exercise. Exercise releases chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin. These chemicals are often known as ‘the happy hormones’ as they have a strong effect on your mood. They help reduce anxiety, stress and depression. So whenever you don’t feel like exercising, try to remind yourself how good you feel afterwards.

Jill Healy-Quintard of Body and Balance Fitness and Wellness has been in the Health and Fitness Industry for many years and has studied extensively. She is a Mind/Body Wellness specialist and brings a Holistic Approach to all her Classes and Individual Programs. She teaches in Manly and Manly Vale and runs General Public Classes as well as School and Corporate in Pilates, YogaPilates Fusion®, Studio, A45+ Fitness for Women, Dance Fitness, BodyBarre®, Pilates with Weights and Cardio, Restorative Pilates and Yoga Nidra

Contact Jill on 89583700 or 0412422868
Instagram: @bodyandbalanceaust

Facebook: Body and Balance Pilates/Yoga/Fitness or Jill Healy-Quintard


Comments: Introducing Nightire, the Urban Sleepwear range made of 100% bamboo fabric. These PJs are super soft, temperature regulating (g’bye night sweats!) and kind to the environment. Sold in UK, US and EU markets, each set is made with love, designed with details in mind, and covered in a beautifully impactful, urban print.

Step into the Seventies with MY Furniture

Luxury Seventies style is taking over and it’s time to invest in some key pieces to match this iconic trend. MY Furniture are pleased to present their selection of vintage-inspired products, ideal for bringing this sensational era into the modern day.

Luciene Sofa (£649.99), Alveare Coffee Table (£219.99), Alveare Brass Sideboard (£799.99), Alveare Table Light (£89.99)

The 1970s was all about being bold and confident, and this translates straight into today’s interiors. However, these days the style is less about garish shades and more focused on bringing vintage luxury to your space. Focusing on retro shapes in luxurious colours with sophisticated metallic finishes, MY Furniture’s gorgeous pieces bring the best of both worlds.

Pino Console Table (£239.99), Pino Coffee Table (£199.99), Pino Side Table (£119.99), Bellini Sofa (£389.99), Bellini Armchair (£279.99)

Left: Pino Console Table (£239.99), Ravello Dining Chair (£199.99). Right: Bellini Armchair (£279.99)

Bring this iconic look into your home by starting with some fabulous statement pieces. Curved silhouettes and geometric shapes work wonderfully when combined with warm metallic finishes, especially in shades of brass and copper. The Ravello collection from MY Furniture is an ideal choice for this. With its mixture of distinctive woodwork and sumptuous velvet, all finished off with brass plated frames, these beautiful pieces are perfect for bringing a glamorous, retro feel to your home.

Clockwise from Top Left; Ravello Dining Chair (£199.99), Ravello Shelf Unit (£419.99), Ravello Two Seat Sofa (£999.99), Ravello Coffee Table (£269.99), Ravello Sideboard (£899.99), Ravello Side Table (£119.99)

When it comes to colour, bring in some bold tones with upholstered sofas and chairs, as well as soft furnishings such as curtains, throws and cushions. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of fabrics like wool, silk and velvet, and go for textures with a plush finish to add a sense of occasion to your room.

Top Left: Banyan Chrome Floor Light (£179.99). Top Right: Banyan Copper Table Light (£59.99)
Bottom: Miasto Velvet Sofa (£449.99)

For a pop of bright seventies colour, why not consider shades of tangerine and teal for dramatic contrast? MY Furniture’s extensive collection of upholstered chairs and sofas are available in dozens of fantastic colours, so you’re sure to find something you love.

Left; Zeno Armchair (£499.99) Right: Dorchester Armchair (£229.99)

MY Furniture’s collection of retro furniture is perfect for bringing this stunning era to any part of your home. Whether you’re looking to transform an entire room, or just make a statement with one or two stand out pieces, this is a look which is sure to make you smile.

Make a bold statement this season with the all new and super-cool emblazoned slogan sweatshirts from LoveKeepCreate.

This stylish new collection encompasses the LoveKeepCreate philosophy of practical, comfy and utterly gorgeous designs with the choice of two catchy and fun slogans:

‘Dream Big Little One’ (available in black or grey) and ‘Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce’ (available in black or pink).

Handmade and handprinted in the Devon-based workshop, the 100% cotton sweatshirt uses eco-friendly reactive inks and all fabrics are Öko-Tex Standard 100 certified – ensuring they are perfect for the sensitive skin of a little one.

The slogan embellished sweatshirts are ideal to pair with the brightly-coloured, contrasting leggings from the clothing collection – so mix and match, and your little one is certain to be the coolest kid on the block!

Available online at www.lovekeepcreate.co.uk from 31 May 2018 – and ranging from newborn through to 8 years old.

The Evolution Pant is the only pant you’ll ever need. Designed for wearing all day and every day regardless the weather, season or occasion.

This lightweight cotton pant is extremely durable. It’s water-proof, stain-proof, wrinkle resistant and extremely soft. You can wear for any activity including biking, hiking and climbing, then you can hand-wash them and wear them again in less than 30 minutes because they quick dry. The back pocket has a hidden zippered pocket and the front pocket is deep enough to safely store your phone, plus it packs smaller than a T-shirt. The Evolution Pant allows you to simplify your wardrobe and it’s built to last.

For information and to pre-order the Evolution Pant at an early-bird discount price, visit The Evolution Pant Campaign Page on Kickstarter.

Wrap your little Prince or Princess up in style right from the start with a sumptuous and soft Matchstick Monkey Luxury Bamboo Blanket.

Crafted from 100% luxury organic bamboo these gorgeous blankets are gentle on even the newest born skin, with a clever 4 layered design helping to regulate your little one’s body temperature. Their generous size (115 x 120cm) makes them perfect for prams, moses baskets and cots… as well as looking stunning in any photo opportunities when you leave the hospital!

Matchstick Monkey Luxury Organic Bamboo Blanket, available in two signature prints, £49.95 from: